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What do you think of the Diva room?

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA ƒ & Project DIVA F' started by FlamingMangos, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. What do you guys think of the Diva room? Do any of you ever use it? I use it from time to time. So, I can spend time with miku of course but tbh it feels like..... miku's my pet. Patting her, giving her treats and toys. Its a nice feature for the game but being able to touch the characters? lol....
  2. I only use DIVA Room..................mostly for the Gadgets page. But I did interact the characters................in order for me to get these Diva Room trophies.
  3. It's a neat feature, but it doesn't hold my attention beyond getting trophies. I don't think I ever touched it at all on PSP.
  4. I haven't used it in F, or any other feature in that game for the matter. There wasn't too much to do in the other games but I do like how they are trying to make the feature more interactive. The whole thing kind of reminds me of the Chao system in Sonic Adventure, it served a purpose but kind of felt pointless at times.
  5. For me it was ok at first but by the time I got all the trophies I was bored with it.
    Personally it feels like an upgraded vocaloid flele, with the petting of foreheads.
  6. ^This

    If they flesh it out more in F 2nd I wouldn't be opposed to using it more, though.
  7. Well considering it's just something extra, I doubt they'll put too much time into it. Most people I imagine buy the PD games to play the songs >_<
  8. I think it's adorable. I will never get tired of seeing some of the events (like Rin or Len Jack in the Box). I do agree that it gets boring after a little bit. If they did give it more in PDF2 I'd be so into that. I don't get why everyone is so weirded out by the petting and stuff. I find it cute.
  9. Ahem...

    To play the Rock Paper Scissors and then poke them in the eye until they get mad at you to the point they kick you out of the room or not talk to you or their meter level drops because you were such a jerk to them and then you go back to their room at some other time and then they are all happy, a great start to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)...


    They should put in a clause where if you use the alarm mode and sleep with them, they won't let you leave until you fully sleep with them the full alarm mode.
  10. Watching a friend of mine play the new Animal Crossing game the other day actually got me really psyched for F 2nd's new Diva rooms. >.<
  11. I have been using the Pokémon-Amie feature a lot lately, so I can see the draw of the virtual pet element. It's cute, I might give the Diva room a try on F the next time I'm playing the game. Although I think it's a bit weird to be petting and poking people, virtual or otherwise...unless that's a normal thing and I just don't know about it XD
  12. Interacting with Pokemon is very adorable and progressing in-game, but I'm kind of feeling a bit iffy going back to the room to give Miku a petting... I don't think it's right to treat Vocaloids as pets anymore. @[email protected]

    They should just make it a dating sim just for the fanservice. I mean, interacting with vocaloids should more humane rather than petting/poking the character... *laughs*
  13. I think a dating-sim style would suit it quite well. Have different events and stuff and have them talk about their interests(use this for hints as to what items they like), and have more minigames you can play, perhaps make some of the games they did in events(like Eke out the Leek or whatever it was called, etc) actually playable.

    Maybe not ACTUALLY a dating sim though, but more of a...friendship-sim? That way one doesn't need to turn into some super-player to get all the characters maxed out and stuff. I could probably come up with a lot of stuff one could do for this, but it'd be too involved for a side portion of a game, haha.
  14. I like that they take the time to work on updating the features of the Diva room with each game because variety is always a good thing. You know, I thought about something a while back and I think some people might find interesting:

    One way to add more of a benefit for utilizing the feature: Spend enough time with a given Vocaloid in the Diva room playing mini-games and giving them the correct items could yield you exclusive challenges. So for example if you maxed out the friendship with Luka, she could offer a challenge like "Play this song with the least amount of FINE's in one try." if you succeed you would gain either Diva points or something else good like exclusive modules, accessories or a song that you cannot get through the shop or unlock otherwise.
  15. Ooh, thinking on the 'unlock exclusive song' thing...Have it be that either by reaching a certain Affinity Level(probably MAX) or something an event would occur and they'd be "inspired to sing something new because of their bond with you", and a new song would then unlock.

    I actually like all the ideas you presented, but that one struck me with inspiration specifically, though the prinicple could be applied to anything you said. The key really is twofold: Have more interaction happen in the Diva Rooms, and have more rewards associated with such, I think.
  16. I find it pretty cool. It does add some hilarity to the game, some events are hilarious. What they need is more events and as everyone stated, more exclusive rewards.
  17. i wish they had more mini-games or something? and it seems like all the characters have same animations... so ya
    it's alright
  18. What do you think of the Diva room

    I didnt think there was a RotK cartoon...I thought the whole thing ended at Helms Deep What a jip

    Is there an RotK cartoon?

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