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Welcome Thread Welcome Topic - Introduce yourself

Discussion in 'Community' started by Suyo, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Neptunia and Senran Kagura fan. Perfect. :D
  2. hello i am a new user my name is Matthieu but call me Matt i am French (sorry for my English) I am 25 years old, my favorite vocaloid is Luka Megurine and i play many vocaloid games as project diva F (1 & 2), project Mirai DX and Miku Flick 02. Have a nice day everyone :)
  3. Hi everyone!
    Long time lurker, first time poster! XD How are you all doing?

    I've been listening to Vocaloid for about 3 years and I've been addicted ever since. Unfragment by HSP was my first love so-to-speak.

    I have so far played F, F 2nd & Future Tone. Am really looking forward to X!
  4. Hi all ! I'm Lebahif a french people from projectdiva.fr forum , I have 23 Years olds
    My favorite Vocaloid Is miku and I play project diva F&F2 on ps3

    But I work to build a DIY Project Diva arcade Cabinet , it's based on The ps4 Project diva Futur Tone game ,
    I have wait futur tone a long time for build the arcade with the more realistic gameplay than the original arcade ,
    so I work hard on it to have the nicer project diva arcade DIY Arcade cabinet and when this project is end , I will share you somes gameplay on it :D !

    if you have any question ,I'm here :)
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  5. Hi all~

    My name is Alaina and I've been a huge fan of the Diva series ever since I discovered it back in 2010. Len is my favourite Vocaloid, and my favourite song from the series is "Here Comes Karakasa-san" ( 唐傘さんが通る ) from Project Diva Future Tone.

    I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada and the only other avid fan I know is my brother, who was the first of us to discover the series. :)
  6. Hello!
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  7. Hey!

    My name is Mia and I've liked anime, video games, Vocaloid and stuff like that for a while now. I've always had an interest in rhythm games, and when I found out that there was a Vocaloid rhythm game I bought it without hesitation. Since then I've perfected every song on extreme in F2nd, and I have just preordered X, coming in 4 days in my country.
    I thought it would be fun to join a community of people that share my interests! I hope to have a cool time discussing things here.
  8. Hi there! My name's Trax, I got waaaaay into Vocaloid media back in 2010, piqued the interest again last year when spying (and picking up) Project Diva F 2nd for Vita in a store, played it in small bursts until around this summer when I just dove all the way back in and couldn't pull myself back out! I'm currently in the process of grinding out as much unlockable stuff as I can in PDX, have less than thirty modules and only one accessory left. I love rhthym games, though most of the communities I know of in that niche focus mainly or exclusively around Bemani games, so I was considering browsing around specifically for a Project Diva community of some kind. I use the wiki as a resource a lot, so eventually I just followed the link here!

    Also, I'm not really sure where we're supposed to post the proof for the badges relating to trophies? I have the Platinum for F 2nd, here's the proof =D
  9. I just got into HMPD last month, at least partly because of this site. Great job you guys! Wow, these games are really addictive. I'd say you have no idea, but you totally do, don't you? I have no idea how Vocaloid music can be so good. And those rhythms...

    Have been playing the PSP games and I was going to try out the Vita games pretty soon. I even made a control fix hack for the original Project DIVA game, so check out that other thread in its forum if you like.
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  10. Welcome to the newcomers ^3^
  11. Hello all! I am a longtime gamer, rhythm games just happen to be one of my favorite genres. I recently got into Vocaloid, Project Diva F was my first exposure to Vocaloid music and I have bought all the games since. Project Diva X was something of a disappointment to me, but hopefully Project Diva Future Tone more than makes up for that. From what little I've played of it, the arcade game seems to be pretty much the definitive Hatsune Miku game.
  12. Hiya! I've been a fan of vocaloid for a while now, i forgot how long...But I love them, same goes for the project diva games! I only have mirai dx though but I'm planning on getting a ps4 and future tone soon! I love literally all kinds of songs from the games, especially songs like No Logic, Rolling Girl, 1925 and lots more!

    Oh, and I usually go by Pichu! I hope i'll make some friends here!
  13. Hey, guys! I go by GokaiSanyu or San pretty much... well, everywhere these days. I've been a fan of Project DIVA since F was first released in the States (and in fact, was my first experience with the series as a whole), though Future Tone is where my jam is right now. Outside of it, I'm a fan of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Senran Kagura, Neptunia, pro wrestling and various tokusatsu series (I am currently watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid weekly, and am in the midst of my first watchthrough of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.)

    I hope to make some awesome stuff for you guys in the future!
  14. Hello everyone, so glad to find this site. I'm a rhythm game enthusiast and vocaloid fan. I was a music comp major and I'm looking forward to trying my hand at writing songs with the Vocaloid software someday soon, but until then I'm immersed in the games. Already picked up a few nice tips and tricks from browsing through the forums here. Hope to talk to you all soon!
  15. Ehh..Hi! I'm a huge fan of rhythm based games in general and loves vocaloid music/games. From Sweden, recently turned 19 and i hope we'll get along \o3o/
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  16. Welcome CannibalPloxx, great to have you here!
  17. Hello! New here , been a Vocaloid fan for a few years now. Been working on a project for Project Diva arcade Future Tone. What do you guys think? Sorry for the size and quality, I will be getting better pics once it is finished.

  18. Welcome Flash-Sentry!

    Your controller looks awesome, I'm jealous. There's a thread in the Tutorial forum about custom controllers, you should post more about it there!
  19. Hi guys!
    I'm a huge fan of Project DIVA games since the first episode on PSP. I've played almost all of them (except Mirai DX because i don't own a 3DS) and now i'm in Future Tone on PS4!! I think i'mpretty good at playing! Recently i bought an Avermedia and started recording my Perfect plays so let me now if ou want to see them!
    Unfortunately in my country (Italy) there are a little few players and followers of Vocaloids, so i'm sticking to this community!
    My favourite character is Miku and i really love Livetune songs..
  20. Welcome to the site miPI, glad to see you here.

    I'd love to see some of your playthroughs sometime!

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