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Announcement Welcome back!

Discussion in 'Community' started by Rayduxz, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. You are now browsing the new ProjectDIVA.net forums!

    We are currently in a "Beta" stage, not all features are available yet.
    Medals and the Highscore table will be revamped and return soon. Don't worry! As soon as this is done your old medals and scores will be transferred.
    Did you lose your custom "rank"? Now those are called titles and you can set one for yourself in your Profile!
    Signatures were reset due to incompatibilities.

    More to come soon, stay tuned!

    If you want to give us your feedback, any suggestions or if you found a bug, you can post it in here.
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  2. Looking beautiful. Keep it coming, and if you needs some help, let me know :
  3. This feels like walking into a new home! I'll get used to it eventually but I love it!
  4. Definitely liking XenForo over phpBB; it feels way more polished. Can't wait to see what everything looks like once the transfer is finished properly!
  5. So many changes.. I need some time to adapt to this. *shivers*
  6. It was really confusing coming onto this change, but it looks amazing! Keep it up :)
  7. I need time to see all the new features here, sad for my signature pic :(

    why "our idol" ??? XD
  8. #8 MikuHatsune, Jul 27, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
    Don't worry I just restored the custom titles from the old forum. you can change it on your own now btw in the profile settings.
    The post count ranks have new names which were actually from the title list of Project DIVA F & F 2nd. Big Debut was the title for starting the game and Welcome to DIVA! for completing the tutorial. The X Player titles were the ones for completing all songs on Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme while Core Gamer was the title for playing the game for 500 hours. The Idol titles were awarded for beating songs on Extreme with PERFECT rank. My Idol (i skipped that one and went straight to the second title of that series) was the title for beating 1 Extreme song with PERFECT while Idol of the Multiverse is for beating all Extreme songs with PERFECT rank. 39 Get! is also a title from the games which was awarded for getting 39 twice on result screen (for example 39x WORST and 39x FINE)

    (Postcounter - Title)
    0 - Welcome to DIVA!
    1 - Big Debut
    10 - Newbie Player
    50 - Intermediate Player
    100 - Advanced Player
    250 - Pro Player
    500 - Core Gamer
    750 - Our Idol
    1000 - Everyone's Idol
    2500 - Worldwide Idol
    5000 - Galactic Idol
    7500 - Idol of the Universe
    10000 - Idol of the Multiverse

    (Specific titles - These are only for the specific number of posts)
    39 - 39 Get!
    1337 - LEET
    3939 - 3939 Get!
    9001 - IT'S OVER 9000!!!

    Well and avatars and signatures went lost in the process of upgrading the forum software... those have to be redone now...
  9. It's weird to see something completely fresh.
  10. Took me also a while to adapt to the new engine.
  11. Yeah, but man! Look at all those stats, even this word counter!
  12. About that.. I just sent you a PN on FB. ;)
  13. I like the new forum, beautiful, but i need a little time to adpat with the new engine.
  14. This new forum is great , just three times to learn where is the buttons and other category now :)
  15. Oh a new site!
    i'll have to redo my profile again but heh i'll see what we'll have now
  16. Happy to see all that feedback.
  17. Apologies if it was explained somewhere else before, but Suyo is not the owner of the website anymore ? Also thanks a lot to Rayduxz for all the new improvements to projectdiva.net. Were you a member on the old projectdiva.net, i can't remember clearly...
  18. We switched servers a few weeks ago. The forum was hosted on Suyos own server before and now we're hosted on Amazon Web Services Gandi SAS, one of the servers from the VNN (Vocaloid News Network). Rayduxz is actually the Tech Admin of VNN.
    Since Suyo became inactive and was unreachable almost all the time we needed some kind of backup plan. The old forum was outdated and each time I needed an improvement on the forum (like new highscore boards, some new gfx on the forums or simple fixes) i had to try to contact Suyo for 2 weeks until he replied via twitter or IRC.
    Actually some more changes are coming, some might also affect the wiki itself but that's something Rayduxz should tell you since I don't want to destroy the surprise. :) But if you read the entire post I guess you might have noticed a hint. There will be some announcements coming soon enough.
  19. Yes, I was a member of the old ProjectDIVA.net forums, you can confirm that with with my registration date :P
    I wasn't that active though, more like a lurker, hehe.
  20. loving the new look!

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