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News VR Future Live Western price announced! (+ English Site)

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live' started by OveReAction, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hatsune Miku VR Future Live is also coming to the West during PlayStation VR's launch day: October 13!

    You can finally experience Vocaloid concert goodness in your home! When you put on the PSVR helmet, you'll feel like you're in somewhere special, which is of course the stadium of a grand Miku concert! From there, you decide to choose which type of seats that you like: from a Far Far Away aisle to a ultimate Close and Personal view. It won't be a Japanese concert without sticking out your......glow stick, using a controller or PlayStation Move and wave along the audience to rack up the Voltage to build up the hype! That is if you want to unlock various hidden stuff that you don't normally encounter during a song, such as Miku having to transform into different outfits and a special private encore performance for you!

    VR Future Live will be available on October 13 with a free base app and 3 song packs at $14.99 each which will be released in separate dates. Starting with 1st Stage pack that contains the following songs:
    • Love Trial/40mP
    • 1/6 -out of the gravity-/noa
    • Satisfaction/kz
    • Weekender Girl/kz & Hachioji-P
    • 39/DECO*27 & sasakure.UK
    • Love Song/Lamaze-P
    • Project DIVA X's Cute Medley -Idol Sounds-/Mitchie M
    For the next 2 packs, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko will join Miku in her performance, so stay tuned for the details!

    Official English Site: http://miku.sega.com/vrfuturelive/
  2. OK, I honestly still don't see why anyone would buy this, when Diva X gets a free VR update that essentially doesn't do much of a different thing, but hey, whatever.
  3. That's... that's just awkward... >_<

    Anyway, trophies. The reason to buy this is trophies. :P

    Though wasn't this supposed to have three songs per pack or am I not remembering correctly?
  4. Can someone explain again?
    What is the setlist of the apps and songs in the packs?

    Yes, I'm still not interested in PSVR but I'm really curious.
  5. i still don't know what this is, is it a stimulation or a game?
  6. Well, if this game is a stimulation for your, uhm ...

    Wait I thought that should not go that far.


    Ok my thoughts about this game changed drastically.
    stratoside likes this.
  7. o my bad, i meant to type simulation, unintended naughty typo ;D
  8. It's some kind of a live concert simulator combined with some gameplay.
  9. does it actually have a scoring system?

    i've watched couple of videos on it but i didn't see anything that resembled "gameplay" lol
  10. It doesn't have scores. The only reason to actually "play" by swinging the glowstick is to unlock effects during the concert. One of the songs in each stage also have a short Rhythm Game passage with star notes which also is required to unlock one of the concert effects. Unlocking all effects at least once for a stage pack unlocks a trophy.
  11. did sega give up on VR as well?
    i'm not hearing any DLCs news
  12. I don't think they have given up on VR, but that's probably it for both Diva X and Future Live. The next console game will probably have a VR feature. I think it's because people like it and it doesn't take much development resources to create.

    Future Live has finished its programmed content. I don't think there will be any more. The problem with Future Live is it can only be sold to people with PlayStation VR - about 2% of people with a PS4. While Diva X HD could be sold to anyone with a PS4.

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