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[Tutorial] Putting Modules from PD1 into 2nd/Ext as cDLC

Discussion in 'Custom DLC' started by Dyspnia, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. As requested from PSI Gaming, BABAM TIME TO MAKE SOME DIOLNAFS!
    Example of a Diolnaf:
    Enustah Ukim

    Let's get to the tutorial shall we!
    Show Spoiler
    Open up your ISO from PD1 that you ripped from your UMD in Winrar.

    Show Spoiler
    Go into PSP_GAME, USRDIR, media, then afs. Extract DivaDataList.afs to wherever, like your desktop (hopefully your's isn't as messy as mine).

    Show Spoiler
    I found this program called AFSExplorer so go and Google that shiz or a similar program and open it up!

    Show Spoiler
    Here's the wonderful program. Go to File and Import AFS file.

    Show Spoiler
    Find your DivaDataList.afs and open it up.

    Show Spoiler
    Find SkinXX.igb (XX with the number of module you want. Extract it.

    Show Spoiler
    Then go and find SkinXX_head.igb. Obviously, numbers correspond so find the matching one for your body (if you want that is, put MEIKO's head on Haku's body for all I care or something). Extract that too.

    Show Spoiler
    Finally, put your IGBs into the Module Builder and BABAM! DONE! Don't forget that SkinXX is the body and SkinXX_head is the head.

    Module files list (WIP):

    0 Hatsune Miku Original
    1 Haku Yowane Original
    2 Neru Akita Original
    3 MEIKO Style
    4 Rin Style
    5 Space Channel 5
    6 Space Channel 39
    7 Gallia Squad 7
    8 P-Style RP
    9 P-Style MG
    10 P-Style LP
    11 P-Style FB
    12 P-Style IS
    13 P-Style CW
    14 P-Style PB
    15 P-Style CG
    16 Cheer (Cheerleader)
    17 Plug-In
    18 Gothic
    19 Princess
    20 Miko
    21 Cat Girl
    22 Sleepy (Pajamas)
    23 Heart Hunter
    24 Vocal
    25 Punk
    26 Dancer
    27 Star
    28 Fairy
    29 School
    30 Snow
    31 Arabian
    32 Elegant
    33 China
    34 Magician
    35 ??? (Most likely White Dress, can't get it to work)
    36 Pirate
    37 VN02
    38 Galaxy

    Image list of all modules: http://imgur.com/a/re8ST

    Won't be able to finish list for a while, emulator stopped working and I've been using that since my PSP has been broken for God knows how long now. So if anyone else wants to help out, I'd appreciate it.

    There we have it!

    Have fun with your new deformed modules!
  2. What the heck happened with the Space Channel 5 module?

    Anyway xD that's just something that happens to a lot of modules, the polygons will go apeshiz and whack all over the place.

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