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Tips for Perfecting some songs?

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA ƒ & Project DIVA F' started by pariah164, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. I can't seem to Perfect Odds & Ends on Normal. Something about the speed, paired with the pattern of Notes... I always manage to get one Safe. And then I cry. The same happens with Tengaku, but on that song, I think it's more an issue of sucking less, lol. I am not new to PD by any means; I have perfects on Normal and Hard in PD2nd and PDE. Any tips?
  2. With some songs (Odds&Ends and Tengaku, for instance), the sync of the notes doesn't always go perfectly with the song. In some parts you'll need to go faster or slower than the music, and all I can really say is try playing visually instead of to the music.
    There's always gonna be "that one part" where the timing is tricky or feels off, but you'll eventually develop a feel for it :P
  3. I kept working, and eventually got that Perfect on Odds&Ends. Still working on Tengaku. Now I have an issue with Black Rock Shooter. I can never get a Perfect on it because of a sequence of circle notes at the end. No matter what I do, I always get a Safe on the last one. I watch, I think I have the timing right aaand nope. Safe. I'm annoyed.
  4. What Donosean said. You have to focus visually. Once you get the hang of it, it just becomes an instinct; Especially for the faster songs.

    Just a tip, always watch the arrow notes. Once it finishes a full 360 degree turn, you press the button at that exact moment.
  5. This is a similar problem that music/rhythm games have had since the start. We used to run into this a lot with DDR back in the glory days (around fifteen years ago! I feel old.) It relies on how well the programmer who coded the song charts managed to "sync" the button command requirements with the sound you hear. For songs that are synced well, you'll notice that you get a lot more perfects when you naturally follow the audio you hear. In the case of DDR Extreme, one of my favorite songs called Love Shine was very well-synced. Where with some songs, when the sync is off, you need to hit parts a little early or late on purpose in order to get perfects. A good example from the same arcade mix of DDR was called Hyper Eurobeat (we used to call it "Hyper Off-Beat.") ^_^

    The same principle applies to any rhythm game, however. From Beatmania, Pop'n Music, and the other Bemani games to stuff like Parappa the Rapper and Umjammer Lammy, Bust a Move (the dance game,) and of course the Hatsune Miku games. Freely Tomorrow is definitely an example of a song that lacks tight sync with the natural audio, haha. I still tried and tried to perfect it, though, since I love it so much. Any song from Mitchie M, for that matter. <3 I am lucky that my favorite song from Project Diva F, Melancholic, is very well/tightly synced. Since I've played it so many times for diva points (And of course because I never get sick of it.)
  6. Aha, another DDR player! That explanation pretty much hits the nail on the head, some songs are on-sync while others leave a fair bit to be desired.
    Ever play the version of DDR X2 that we got in Europe? There's not a single song on-sync because of a hardware issue, in fact the sync drifts further away as the song goes on haha. I'm just glad nothing like that happened with the PD games.
  7. *Whispers* Weekender Girl extreme note chart is horrid, any tips? ;A;
  8. Weekender Girl is a weird one >.>

    The first tech zone follows some rhythm that's just kinda there in the background and there are all these triplet rhythms snuck into it (triplet rhythms, not three really close notes)
    Some advice I could give you is to play with your eyes until you can follow the rhythm, use both hands if you aren't already for those little quick bits and try not to choke on the two close notes in the middle of chance time if you're going for a perfect. It used to get me all the time when i'd switch off and zone out.

    So... how does anyone handle the bits with the constant stream of notes with an arrow every six notes on negaposi*continues on extreme? (the box of DOOM)
  9. I can't really explain how to do it, when I was trying to perfect it it took me so many tries that I just developed muscle memory for half of the chart. If it helps I always hit the first note after every arrow with my right thumb, and do the usual alternating-between-thumbs thing.
    Not sure what else to say other than be quick and precise, it should come to you eventually.
  10. The thing I always like to do when I'm playing for a perfect is to try my best to sync with the beat of the song. Perhaps sing it a bit or listen to it on my PSP when I have the free time, then when I've got the beat in my mind I play the game. I can't say it works all the time but it helps to keep with the flow of the song.
  11. This may sound a little cheap, but I attribute all of my perfects (except for Sadistic Music Factory) in easy and some of my normal perfects to abuse of combo safeguard....because there is always that ONE ROGUE SAFE NOTE...
  12. My contribution: Listen to the beat a couple of times first before engaging to the game! Once you get used to the beat, you'll just be dancing while your eyes, fingers and mind do the work! XD

    I did mine on my Sadistic Music Factory once on Normal, I got a PERFECT. I was , like, "ZOMG, A PERFECT!? FOR REAL?!" >3< b
  13. Don't hold the controller or Vita too tightly. If your hands get all sweaty, then you're doomed. If you've got bad eyesight, then try not to strain your eyes by keeping them open for too long. Whenever the song gives you breaks, take that time to blink as much as you need. And try not to let anything distract you.
  14. #14 Kari, Oct 14, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
    I know the thread is 3 years old but who cares ^^
    Yesterday I felt nostalgic so I went back to f and f2nd on my PS Vita. I usually played it on PS3 but I don't want to unplug my PS4 just because of 2 games.
    So...is it just me or is the game waaaay harder on PS Vita? Well, I owned the Vita games first but I just played them for "learning" the game before switching to PS3. I didn't care about playing perfectly on extreme back than but now...yeah it's just horrible :D
    f is even worse than f2nd since there's no stick input for stars (and in the diva rooms my fingers hurt because you have "to pet" their head so damn hard :D). I know you can "cheat" them but it's still annoying if you ask me.
    That aside, how are your experiences on extreme? Is it realistic to perfect the 10 stars on Vita? It sure is possible since there are mad people out there :D
    I'm just curious how you guys managed to play "successful" on Vita :)

    EDIT: Got so angry that I started playing on PS3 again :D

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