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This game is freaking hard.

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by Necrosaro, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. So I recently started up Project Diva: Future Tone after buying the full package on PSN. After dabbling in a few songs, I've found this game to be considerably harder than the console counterparts. Obviously having played F and F2nd, I can't go by muscle memory on those since the arcade charts are different largely because of the different mechanics. To put it in perspective, I am not new to the rhythm game genre. I cut my teeth on Bust a Groove, Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania IIDX, DJMAX, Superbeat: XONIC, Pop 'n Music, Keyboardmania, etc. As far as my Project Diva game experience goes, I consider myself a competent player, not an elite-tier player by any stretch. I can pass everything up to 8 1/2 stars and even have cleared a few 9s on the console games. Granted, I expected the arcade game to be slightly harder simply because the mechanics are different - now you have hold notes, slide notes, multi-notes instead of the traditional console fare like star notes. But I figured I was going to get used to the new stuff quickly and my grades might be slightly lower than on console. So I fired up the game and played a few rounds.

    Oh boy, I had no idea what I was getting into. Harsh reality hit me like a ton of leeks.

    I decided to try something relatively easy as my first song (Forest, Wastelands, Magic Song). I got one dreaded SAFE on Normal. So then I try Hard. The multi-notes threw me for a loop, and I panicked. I still managed to EXCELLENT clear it. Then I played Extreme after unlocking it clearing Hard. Remember how I passed 8.5s and 9s on console? I barely FAILED it (Cheap rating) on my first try because I couldn't read the multi-notes. A 6.5 on Extreme. Yeah, that was a major wake-up call. Pretty embarrassing to say the least. The 7s are even worse. Honestly, I was shocked to see 8s on Hard, I can't even imagine what those may look like (never mind Extreme).

    So obviously I need to get better at hold notes and multi-notes. I dunno about button spam, I haven't tried too many of those yet.

    Oh Sega, all this time you were massively trolling me. Now I see the true face of Hatsune Miku. Thanks Sega, for killing my ego.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty darn hard. I mean, I Perfected all but 10 Songs on Extreme in F, which I have an Excellent on, same for F 2nd, with all but 11 on Perfect, those 11 on Excellent, and the only thing in X I haven't Excellented yet is the Ultimate Medley, while the rest is mostly on Perfect as well.
    When I got FT I was amazed at finding the Hard charts to be almost on low-tier Extreme Level for the higher difficulty ones. And when I first tried playing through all songs on Extreme, I gave up and went back to practice, cause I could hardly pass 8 star songs. So yeah, it is a LOT harder than the main series games. Also, on 9, 9.5 and 10 star songs some stuff is just unreadable and dumb, and I still can't see how there's people who can read and play those charts.

    As for Multi notes,here's a few tips: Quads are easy to read, so nothing special there, triples that appear in a triangle shape are located on the left side of the screen if they are Triangle/Square/X and on the right side if they are Sqaure/X/Circle. I found it easiest to just make my L2 and R2 buttons those combos, since you can set multi button macros to your L and R buttons in this game.
    As for triples in a line: They always have the shape of Triangle/Square/X/Circle, with a gap in where the button that isn't pressed would be. Knowing that makes the charts a lot more readable.
  3. #3 Kari, Jan 21, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
    I agree, the game is really hard. when i started playing for the first time i was so confused with the new arrow notes (like x and o at the same time) that i couldn't do most of the songs at normal difficulty. and i wasn't able to do spam notes (timing and play style just totally wrong) at all.
    But i have to say, since the game is so hard and unforgiving when it comes to misstakes or delayed timing (at least that's what i think) i've become pretty good in the meantime. i still can't clear 9,5 or 10 star songs (except two-faced lovers) on extreme/exextreme but that's still a huge improvement for me. now i'm able to perfect songs in f/f2nd which i had a hard time to get a standard when i played them before ;D
    and the only reason i can't clear them are the overdone multi-notes in certain songs (saihaite and popipo for example).

    Since the reading pattern was already explained i would only suggest to play the parts you're having trouble with in practice mode. i honestly never thought i would be so fond of that feature when it was announced ^^ the only thing i would add in this mode is something like a slow motion function since the multi-notes are flying in from everywhere and i often don't know where to start at all.

    And maybe another thing that worked for me at least. i first played future tone with the same button configuration timing i used in f and f2nd (+6). i thought that was perfect and so i set the same timing in FT. but i noticed that i didn't get notes i really was supposed to get (i know that sounds like a lame excuse but that really was the case). besides i couldn't clear fast songs like unhappy refrain or den paradigm before, putting the controller on a table didn't help either. i thought i was just to slow until i saw someone on youtube talking about the same problem. so i did what he did, i set the timing pretty high (+20) and now everything works perfect considering hitting the notes. i didn't think the button configuration would make that much of a difference but it really does. depends on the TV i guess.
    well, i still can't clear den paragim on extreme but at least i now survive to the 40% rate :D
  4. Ok, this is just getting silly. Sega should've had a trophy or a title for getting the one dreading SAFE 39 times, because I'd easily have that accomplishment after playing through the vast majority of Hard. But I'm glad others think this game is considerably harder than the console Diva games. I dunno, I kinda expected the arcade game to be a little more difficult than their console counterparts, I just underestimated how much harder it would be. But I am getting better at it. Practice Mode does help a lot, though I wish there was an option to slow down the songs for some of the nastier songs, like I've seen on Konami's console Bemani games.

    Yeah, I've noticed the multi notes follow a pattern. Basically, they're laid out the same way the arcade controller is - Triangle/Square/X/Circle. I've gotten to where I can read the multi notes horizontally, but vertical patterns still confuse me. The triples are harder but they also seem to follow a consistent pattern. That's the biggest hurdle I have to overcome at present. That and button spam. I'm not good at alternating button patterns and fast runs.

    You basically read my mind. Especially since a lot of these charts are gimmicky. :)

    I've unlocked all the accessories, and almost unlocked all the Extreme charts, I'm currently working through the rest of the 6.5 star charts, then just the 7s on up, not really looking forward to some of those. 180 down, 44 to go. (gulp)
  5. trust me you get better after playing it for a while, i remember the days when i couldn't beat catfood at extreme
  6. I've come a long way in 2 months. I've got almost 175 Perfects on Hard. I actually cleared Disappearance of Hatsune Miku Extreme for my 1st 9* clear. I've got 12 Perfects on Extreme, only 1 oddly enough on EX Extreme. I've played through all of the songs on every difficulty, now I'm just waiting for DLC songpack #3 to come out next month. I still find EX Extreme to be harder than Extreme overall, some of the hardest charts have such stupid endings that are specifically designed to screw you out of a Clear. Most songs 9* and up are still beyond me though. I still wish I could slow down songs in Practice Mode.

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