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Discussion The Project Diva Let's Play thread!

Discussion in 'General' started by Almeria, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. It's okay lol
    I didn't know you could just hold down the directional button during strings of arrow notes until a few weeks ago, so don't feel bad :)
  2. Hee~ that's a function I found really useful, I suck at strings of ->O->O->O (uh, if you get what I mean) so it's a lifesaver. It takes a while to manage it but once you're used to it it's good to use :3 Like Secret Police Extreme.
    Also you fail a hold note if you press both like you do an arrow button but during the hold you can freely press the corresponding button however much you like until the end of the hold-note :3 That can be fun as long as you don't press the wrong button or derp around too close to the end of it >.<
  3. Well about Holding at Arrows ...
    This is good only if you care for Perfect.
    For Scoring this is the worst way since you loose each bonus +200 points at arrows if you hold before with the d-pad.
  4. I remember when I first read about it on here, in f/F you get extra points for hitting the arrow notes with both buttons at the same time. I always did that because I thought that was what you were supposed to do. Now let's see...I was on break from class during my last year at college I believe. I was out in the lobby waiting for the class to resume, when I figured out you could just hold the directional button to help with a string of arrow notes.

    In my head I was saying: "I don't feel like this today, why can't you just..."

    The very next second, I did it and was like "Wha?!?!...”

    I remember everyone staring at me like I was a crazy person because I screamed it out loud but, I did not care for I had learned something new and was happy about it. Simple pleasures for a simple fool XD

    Though, I often forget to remove my finger from the directional button so I made a habit not to hold them but save it if I am frantic. It's the little things you discover while exploring a game that make it all the more fun. Thank you so much Scarf for sharing that little tip. My accuracy has not improved that much but it does feel more comfortable. I think I will mix hands quite a bit more now that I can, plus it beats having to flip the system upside-down to utilize my left wrist's fluid motion.
  5. Paradichlorobenzene on Extreme. This is one of my favorite songs in all the games.

    I also did Electric Angel with mostly my left hand for a challenge. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, and I actually beat my previous score!

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  6. After long time a play again XD

  7. My gameplay videos(Except for one) are all recorded via video capture. If I may, is it not too late to join in? In response for not seeing my fingers in action- it is not a problem, is it?
  8. Of course not, everyone can join in whenever they want ^_^ I love seeing people play!

    How do you guys position the camera when recording the PSP? Without it bothering your playing that is :P
  9. Thank you Almeria-san.

    It has been a while since the announcement of Project Diva f 2nd, so here is my gameplay of Romeo and Cinderella on Extreme. Of course I can not match the others' performance on the highscore tables. *laughs*
  10. I have another video :)

    I position my camera with a flat metal decoration I have. The decoration has a few bars on it so I can lay the camera flat on it to record through the bars. It doesn't really affect my playing, I just need to stop looking through the screen on the camera and focus on the game o_o
  11. Ah yes, that special edition Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSP. I tried to get the Birth by Sleep bundle myself but I kept losing the auctions. Ultimately I ended up purchasing a new regular silver one that I have since given away to a good friend. I did record something the other day that I could share here but I am still not too sure if I should or not. You see, I did not manage to get a perfect in the song but I improved my score at least.

  12. I still love this song, F 2nd made it even more beautiful...
  13. Hey, are we still doing this?
  14. I dont know if my videos of Diva count as Let's Plays or if there is anyone who dont know my channel here( i think people who watch diva gameplay should know me xD)
    A video which got pretty low attention but is totally watchable iMo is my Challenge Gameplay of 2D dreamfever, there i played completly twohanded and only onehanded the fast part + 3 challenge items

  15. I regret nothing. I went and finished the deed. ;D

  16. I've recently started recording my Project DIVA Perfect Plays, here's an example.
    Time by time i will add videos.
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  17. #38 AppleArcade120, Jun 17, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
    Hi! I've just started doing Project DIVA Letsplays, and I think this would be a great place to get my channel growing :D Here's my first Project DIVA video so far:

    It's my Great clear of Promise in F2nd! I hope my next videos go out well... (i need that perfect)
  18. If anyone is still doing this, then I just wanted to say I uploaded a new video :D This time, it's a excellent clear on Electric Angel!
  19. :D I'm uploading 4 videos today, and this is the 2nd one!
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