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PS4 Superbeat : xonic

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by nofutur, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. #1 nofutur, Feb 3, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
    Xonic is coming this Spring on PS4 and Xbox one (digital and disc) with new tracks, new game interface.

    Can't wait.

    2015 Vita trailer
  2. Oh, nice, I might have to get that on PS4 then.
  3. #3 nofutur, Feb 4, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017
    Definitively buy it for Magical beat tracks.

    Here's an idea of the track list.

    01. Morning Calm Nauts Easy Listening
    02. Love is Real 3rd Coast R&B Medium
    03. Fantasti-K NieN K-POP
    04. Collaboration Newton House
    05. Timeline Nauts Indie Pop
    06. U Can Stop NieN Poppin' Like
    07. Feeling Isolator Tsukasa Techno Pop
    08. Bare it All Rinat Arinos Idol Pop
    09. Club the Party Pat Andrews Dance Electro
    10. Peach Fuzz Sampling Masters AYA Bright Fusion
    11. One Juicy Step Makou Jazzy Pop
    12. Peter Pan M2U House Pop
    13. Boomerang Rinat Arinos Dance Pop
    14. Easy Easy Go Pink Shark Music Idol Pop
    15. Candy Cane Amo Billy's Pop
    16. Round Trip Nauts Mellow Pop
    17. EveryDay NieN Retro Pop
    18. HINAGIKU~towards the sunlight~ Makou Contemporary X-Over
    19. No Way Out NDLee Hard Core
    20. Get Down Flash Finger Electro House
    21 Aztec Bump Electronic Boutique Big Beat
    22. Lop Nur Makou R&B
    23. All Night Long NDLee Soulful House
    24. Que Siga La Rumba Michael Tate Rumba-stic
    25. Miami Style Rinat Arinos Dance
    26. Heavy Day~Guilty Gear Xrd Daisuke Ishiwatari Rock
    27. Murky Waters Makou Electric Future Garage
    28. Sakura Stream Tsukasa Trance Pop
    29. GIVE & TAKE Cranky Acid House
    30. Crazy Mr.Funky Electro House
    31. Wreckkkk Electronic Boutique Electro House
    32. Keep on Rockin' Flash Finger Electro House
    33. Nodding Hawk M2U Electro House
    34. Black Inked Skin Spike Sludge Metal
    35. Let's Go Rinat Arinos Idol Pop
    36. Souls of Vampire ~ Part 2. NieN Progressive Metal
    37. Drop The Shit! Electronic Boutique Anti EDM
    38. Louder Makou Electro House
    39. Swedish Girl Mr.Funky House
    40. Control Tsukasa Piano Trance
    41. CHASER Nauts Electro Big Band
    42. The Lemon Squash Takahiro Eguchi Lemonade Funk
    43. Trompe L'œil Makou Gypsy Jazz Tech
    44. Interstellar Tsukasa Epic Trance
    45. Kitty From Hell Paul Bazooka CompleXtro
    46. Souls of Vampire ~ Part 1. NieN Progressive Metal
    47. H.O.W.ling M2U Symphonic Step
    48. STARGAZER Takahiro Eguchi Disco Step
    49. Party of the Year Cranky Rave
    50. Dimension Detonator Sampling Masters AYA Speed Techno
    51. March of Fear M2U Trance Core
    52. MATADOR Cranky Rave
    53. Planetboom x NieN Planet Core
    54. Nodding Hawk ~ Extended M2U Electro House
    55. Moonlight Sonata (3rd) Cranky Classic Remix
    56. Systematic Chaos NieN Progressive Metal
    57. Bang Bang Groove Sampling Masters MEGA Gabber
    58. Voodoo Gooroo Sampling Masters MEGA Ethno Gabba
    59. Souls of Vampire ~ Extended NieN Progressive Metal

    DLC 7's rebirth
    Antikithera 7 Sequence
    Rackin’ Gravity 7 Sequence
    DINO Cranky

    DLC Guilty gear
    Starry Story Daisuke Ishiwatari
    Jack-a-Dandy Daisuke Ishiwatari
    Big Blast Sonic Daisuke Ishiwatari

    DLC Magical beat
    BLUE desire ~Blazblue
    THE BEAUTIFUL MAGIC ~Magical Beat Kikuo
    MAGICAL GREETING ~Magical Beat Kikuo

    DLC Cranky's pick
    Danger & Danger
    Into the Unknown

    DLC Long live collection
    Timeline ~Extended Ndlee
    All Night Long~Extended Ndlee
    No Way Out ~Extended Ndlee

    DLC Extra collection
    TUNTUN-MOONLIGHT ~Magical Beat
    Libera Me Cranky
    Party 4U Cranky
  4. We now have the release day and the preorder OST

    ajs2677 likes this.
  5. Thanks for the info, can't wait to try it.
  6. Me too, I'm waiting & hope we'll have a nice pre order PSN version or I get the US disc version.
  7. This finally came in the mail today. Taking a little bit to get the hang of it but it's not too bad so far. Anybody else pick this up?
  8. Well, too bad this doesn't have a Demo. I'd want to know whether I can actually read those charts, before buying the game....
  9. If it helps any, the game has an adjustable speed option. I found in my brief time when I borrowed the game from a friend that adjusting the speed would help reading immensely when I got it where I wanted it.
    i.e. notes that I couldn't tell whether they were the same time or in quick succession on a lower speed would become more obviously at different times at a higher speed.
  10. You guys want me to do a thread/forum for this game, just like the other games ?
  11. I'm not sure if it specifically counts as a Vocaloid-related game... but if you think it would be appropriate here then sure, I'd love for it to have its own forum! Thanks Monds.
    Monds likes this.
  12. #12 nofutur, Jun 23, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017
    I finally bought it on euro PSN store last monday (I couldn't before) and the game is the same I played on vita. For beginners you can use easy mode and 0.5 speed and change this later when you'll know the tracks.

    I'm a little bit disappointed, I thought the game would include all the DLC but I guess we'll get it when we'll be level 99.

    Edit: I think they selected some of the Vita DLC songs, and we won't have all the songs from the DLC I mentioned in my first message. I'm level 92 and I did not get any new songs since level 70.

    Edit: I updated the song list and strikethrough the missing songs. Sorry they chose not to include them T_T

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