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Archived Serious Scam/Spam-bot problem?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by WWEdeadman, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. So, in the past few days there were a few bot posts that linked to what probably are scam sites, and I kept on reporting those posts and accounts to make sure they get dealt with. Now, today there is a FLOOD of those threads in the "General" board. Now, I really don't want this forum to die off completely cause of these, so I hope that will be dealt with accordingly. There's gotta be some sort of anti-botting measures to take here.
  2. It seems like the staff of this forum, and the members in general are not active.

    The forum is XenForo (which I use a lot for Age of Aincrad). There are spam bot methods to keep it out, but some do still get through defenses regardless. It can't be stopped.
    We never let our spam see the light of day since moderators are constantly active and snipe it as soon as it pops up. :P
  3. I appologise for this, It does appear some of the staff has not been around and we will look into this. I believe these have all been removed. I will be keeping a closer eye on this for the moment. Thank you.
  4. Think some of the game threads have a few of these in them. Maybe give them a check as well.
  5. This, all clean now, changed registration settings.
    Shadow-san likes this.
  6. Seems like i missed something serious....
    Sorry for my inactivity, I wasn't able to check the forums since I was away from home the last weeks.
    Hope everything is alright now.
  7. Look like i missed something
    Glad to see the forum is clean now
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