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News [PSVITA] IA / VT Colorful Revealed! [UPDATE 16 Jan.]

Discussion in 'IA/VT Colorful' started by Afiredone123, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. There is a new PS VITA Rythm Action Title that looks the same as F 2nd that'll be coming this 31st July. And it is also by a VOCALOID which is IA! The Game title will be called "IA / VT Colorful" and consists of 60 SONGS! THAT'S MORE THAN PROJECT DIVA F 2ND!!! XD The developer of the game is by a company called "Marvelous AQL"

    The scans here shows that the button input will follow like Project mirai 2 with routes but in a shape of 3D!! Here's the scan.
    Show Spoiler

    Did you guys know that VT means Visual Track? By the way, It looks like IA / VT Colorful developer has using mirai 2 as an inspiration for the game. Obviously it is, because you can see the 3D PV + Original PV, melody notes line and it's rainbow line and most spot on is the Line Route But IN 3D! Here's the images revealed by Famitsu:
    Show Spoiler

    Last topic is by kaiki, deleted and renewed by me.
  2. Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku full PV confirmed? Oh yes.
  3. I want to see more about this game... itd be great if they would release a pv for it ;)
  4. I don't have a Vita now, but i'll preorder this next month... Crystal Version features aren't too woth to buy, it seems...

    Who already pre-oredered?
  5. I'm still debating pre-ordering the game. I finally have a Vita but after that I'm out of cash so I might end up getting it later on after it comes out.
  6. Yeah, I'm in a pinch because i bought the PD Mini Controller and i have to upgrade my PC. In truth, i'm questioning myself if i preorder or not...
  7. Does anybody have this game by now? I was wondering if it was worth importing ~
  8. If you like IA soundtracks >>very much<<, yes. (if you only find them okay, good but not 100% sure of liking it overall, you will hate this game)

    If you look for a rythm game, no.
    If you look for good PV including IA model, no.
    If you look for a stable running game, no. (this game runs 30 fps and still has frame drops)
    If you look for a game that you will continuesly play, no.
    If ... bla bla bla

    Just no. The only reason to get this game, as I said before, is if you really, really like IA's Soundtracks. This game has been pushed so many times and result is terrible.

    Your score results your ranking to the song. And the stupid thing is: the main score only comes from hitting colorful notes with a COOL everytime to get 100%. IF you miss them with FINE or worse, you mess up your ranking very easily, no matter how good you do in the end. People with better accuracy but missing 100% colorful are getting worse results than players who has tons of fine but got 100% colorful.
    This game barely uses IA model in the game and the PV is repetitive, boring, she simply looks like a doll standing there and barely move. So many costumes which makes it even more worse because there is no point of changing them.
    Many songs are offsync (you hit home button, sleep mode and return, song gets even more unsycned than before) and the game doesn't run in full 30FPS. Which means it makes you even more depressing if you obv did time good but the games simply doesn't say it.

    The only pro i can see in this game are the songs who got into the game, which are also in full version. That's it.

    BUt if you are open to all of these, yeaaah you can try it out. But I prefer not. Even when many people gave good reviews, it simply just let me shake my head because I can't tell how many of them actually finished the game.
  9. The Charts are pretty terrible for the most part. Holding notes where they don't belong, undercharting so bad that it actually kills the rhythm, and generally some notes just are off-sync completely. I don't really find myself playing this game much anymore after getting like 3 or 4 "perfects" (which in this game let's you hit SAFEs without breaking streak. Really, with the horrible charting it's pretty hard to not hit a SAFE somewhere anyway.)

    You know, for this being the first rhythm game Marvelous has made (at least as far as I know) it's kinda OK. Looking back at the first Project Diva on PSP, that was horrible too, so yeah, let's just hope they make another game some time in the future, so we can forget this one ever happened.
  10. Thanks for the info, guys.

    I was about to get this game but from the looks of it this is not something one should pay full price for ^^"

    I really hope so too, since I actually love IA and most of the songs that were selected for this game.

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