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Project DIVA Translation Patch Reboot

Discussion in 'Project DIVA & Project DIVA Dreamy Theater' started by FShadow, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. FShadow

    FShadow Welcome to DIVA!

    Jun 3, 2014
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    As I'm sure many of you know, a partial patch for the first Project DIVA game was released by Rolen47 over 4 years ago. This patch was, however, incomplete, with much of the Rhythm Game Editor untranslated, some incorrectly romanized song titles (e.g. "Sono Ichibyuo Slow Motion"), and quite a bit of menu text untranslated as well.

    Seeing this, I thought to myself, "Hey, I could make this better!", and proceeded to get to work to fix what was wrong and translate the rest of the game. The time has come, I feel, to report that I have finished most of the work on a ppf patch that translates the games menu text, and images, especially in the Rhythm Game Editor.

    Unfortunately, because a there were a few limitations regarding the length of several strings of text, some text had to be shortened in order to fit in the ISO.

    Because of this, I have decided to use the divapatch plugin, created by codestation [original link here], which is already being used for the Project DIVA extend patch, in addition the my base ppf patch. In doing so, some string length restrictions have been lifted, meaning that I can use a song's translated title without having to shorten it.

    You can check out and download my patch at the project's Wiki Page.

    Photobucket Album

    Special Thanks:
    codestation: For creating divapatch, and helping me iron out a few problems with it

    lordscales91: For creating the original version of the Project DIVA 1st divapatch translation

    Rolen47: For creating the original Project DIVA ppf patch, upon which my work was built

    Everyone at the ProjectDiva wikispaces who contributed to Rolen47's original patch

    I am still working on this project and trying to fix some mistranslated lyrics (yeah, my bad), so if you spot any errors, or have any suggestions as to how something would be better translated, please let me know! I am really eager to know what you think.

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