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News Project DIVA PSP dev, Dingo, shut down from Bankruptcy!

Discussion in 'Project DIVA & Project DIVA Dreamy Theater' started by OveReAction, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. It's been almost 8 years since the release of the first Project DIVA game for the PSP, followed by the 2 grand installments that made the success of the series.

    But now it's time that it's developer, Dingo, has been shut down after filing for bankruptcy from a GIGANTIC debt of $3,060,000.

    They also made Love Live School Idol Paradise and Persona 4 Dancing All Night. They have been making games only for the handheld consoles, so that's why it's really not that much sales from these games nowadays.

    I repeat, Dingo only did the first 3 Project DIVA games on the PSP. The rest of the series is handled by SEGA.

  2. o i wonder why they stopped working on newer project diva series

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