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Project DIVA Mod: Backport Control Scheme

Discussion in 'Project DIVA & Project DIVA Dreamy Theater' started by flamethrower, Dec 7, 2016.


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  1. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iln2kotnzudaqqi/HMPD_D-Pad_Control_Fix.7z
    It's copyright-safe (has nothing without a free license in it). You need Python 3 to run the patcher. You can get that from python.org also for free.

    I made a mod for Hatsune Miku Project DIVA (PSP). The goal was to backport the control scheme from the later games where you can press the D-pad to hit notes.

    I am not an expert player, but I will say I was able to clear "Disappearance of Hatsune Miku" on HARD with this where I was not able to before. If you are an expert player, I'd love it if you would try it and give your feedback. To me it feels just like the later games' control scheme.

    As a really short review of my own hack, I'll say this: This original game is the easiest. With this hack, it makes this easy game even easier. There wasn't a way for me to know this before making the hack though. It does make it more comfortable to play. It could also be good for left-handed gamers - I hear they prefer the D-pad for hitting notes.

    As for the motivation for the hack, a user on TV Tropes wiki wrote: "Players who played later games going back to the first game will likely get a few "Worst" notes because they were trying to use the D-Pad to hit them. You can't do that, here." To me, that sounded like an idea for a ROM hack.

    I am not sure about compatibility with other hacks of this game. Some tweaking would probably be needed. I know enough Japanese that I don't need the translation patch for this if I'm not using edit mode (and I've never used edit mode), so I don't use the translation patch for this.
  2. It's a cool mod but I want to inform it's not allowed to submit highscores by using this hack once the highscore tables are revamped.
  3. While I don't have the resources to try this mod out atm (no longer a PSP owner unfortunately), props for both the idea and managing to make it work! The old controls always bothered me on the original PD, especially on higher difficulties -- I'm a terrible one-handed player.

    And to reiterate, scores will definitely not be allowed to be submitted with any versions of the game that have been modded in such a way that changes how the player interacts with the game like this. We won't be able to tell 100% unless the mod is changed to give an indicator on the results screen, but please don't attempt to submit such scores. We're running on an honor system folks! :)
  4. The only allowed mods/patches for score submissions are english patches (or any other language).

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