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News Project DIVA Arcade: Future Tone announced!

Discussion in 'Project DIVA Arcade & Arcade Future Tone' started by OveReAction, May 23, 2013.

  1. ;-;
    I'm so jealous...

  2. Project Diva Arcade: Future Tone will begin operating in arcades on November 21, 2013!

    Some more songs were confirmed beside the 6 initial songs.

    ・「天樂」 by ゆうゆ
    ・「DYE」 by AVTechNO!
    ・「Stay with me」 by shu-t

    ・「ハイハハイニ」 by テンネン & niboshi
    ・「Tell your world」 by livetune(kz)

    offtopic (open)
    I hate Mobile Google Chrome because when I don't check "log me in automatically" it logs me out if I do so much as switch pages within this forum!
  3. Did Project Diva Arcade ever have an intro/promo/standby movie? Because now it's released someone uploaded a video of Future Tone's.
    Show Spoiler
  4. ^Yeah, if I remember correctly, Version B had an intro with all the characters dancing in silhouettes, similar to the Project DIVA title screens, but they were sliding across a background.
  5. Nostalogic confirmed.
  6. So apparently existing songs had their star ratings adjusted too as evidenced by the half star ratings...
    So does this mean there's a 10 star rating now? And is 初音ミクの激唱 in it? :P
  7. So... are they going to discontinue Revision B or what?

    Probably not yet since they haven't updated the arcade machines from other Asian countries, evident by the fact that they haven't updated the English Arcade site to Future Tone (it still says Revision B, plus they haven't abandoned the site yet since the latest update was on November 7.)
  8. Also, can someone confirm that they changed the old maps in Future Tone to include arrow notes and also different endings?
  9. Confirmed by the Future Tone website.

  10. Please, not so many post o_o

    Old songs remains same. Has not changed yet. No chance time endings or something like that.
    Counts at the moment only for new songs.
  11. Project DIVA Arcade has nearly totally died out, here in Singapore. One of the operators that hosted the majority of the units here has recently totally ceased to offer it.

    It was one of my favourite games. Each and every update brought a different feel to the game, although the late updates have been getting less and less interesting (i.e. the latest one was for a feature that was never added here).
    The non-Japanese websites have not been updated in very long time too, around the start of the decline here.
    It's sad to see it go, but I guess that it had to happen, with the impending release of Project DIVA Future Tone.

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