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PDe: Moonlight Flash

Discussion in 'Edit Help / WIP' started by PabloPL, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. PabloPL

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    Jan 7, 2012
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  2. Suyo

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    Oct 27, 2011
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    Re: Moonlight Flash

    I'm moving this to Help/WIP because it doesn't really look finished.
    It seems you just jumped in with the Real-Time Input Function without changing anything else. Thus the notes are mostly massively off-beat.

    To start off, you should set the Timing as this is the most important part. When loading a song, there is a "Measure BPM" option which is very useful to get the speed right. I tried it and got 140 BPM.
    The next step is to choose the "Easy Target Placing" option in the start menu to check the beat. When you testplay, the O should be on beat 1 and the X on 3. Most likely it is off, though - this is what the "Set the Song Start Time" option is for. Even though this is a redundant and slow process, try to make it as precise as possible, as the slighest difference can confuse the player and, most importantly, you.
    After the timing is spot-on, and only then, you can jump on the RTI, but never forget to check the result - RTI is not perfect.

    Also please read the Edit Rules/Guidelines: rules.php?p=e
    I hope this helps a bit :)

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