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Offsets for Saihate, VN02 and Luka Head?

Discussion in 'Custom DLC' started by Cygnus428, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I decided to finally get into the custom dlc modules, but i need some texture offsets so i can extract module textures. ones i want in particular are saihate miku and VN02 bodies, and lukas head (original and the VF suit). If anyone has them, or the ability to find them, please post how to find the offsets, and/or post the offsets needed >.<

    also, i shoulda gotten custom firmware a long time ago, im enjoying every bit of what my friends dont have yet XD

    EDIT by Suyo: better title
  2. There is an updated pack with addresses I forgot to put into the Wiki article: http://www.mediafire.com/?0ztu061w5ptbk36
    Some addresses are wrong though, so if the textures look corrupted I can extract them for you.
  3. much obliged suyo, and sorry if you had to move this topic/rename it, i intended it to be a general thread for other requests to go to when i named it, just started it with my request ^.^;

    EDIT: the offsets for saihate mikus body are still missing, do you think you could get that for me?
  4. Here you go. If you need them reinserted, throw the edited textures into my general direction.

  5. again, thank you suyo. hopefully ill have a new costume finished for luka shortly ^.^
  6. Since i dont have the offsets, i cant combine them back in properly :<
    But thats a start of what i wanted, gotta check it in PJD when its reassembled and see what else i wanna edit on it

    Attached Files:

  7. Also, i got bored and put my main project off to make a recolor of mikus outfit for luka, ill post it with a picture later today or tomorrow. Was my first major time with gimp, and was getting used to the tools. came out really well too, for what i thought it would

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