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Discussion Module/Outfit Combinations

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by NayanMori, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. NayanMori

    NayanMori Welcome to DIVA!

    Aug 1, 2018
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    Hey! I adore the new module customization, as sometimes you just need to 'spice' up a pv (or you just straight up don't like the recommend!) So I wanted to share some of my combos that I came up with and/or saw others use.

    A Song of Wastelands, Forests, and Magic
    Miku - White Gown; Meteorite Hair
    Kaito - Guilty; Holiday Hair; Devil Horns; Devil Tail
    Miku - Innocent; Memoria Hair; Halo; Angel Wings
    Luka - Amor; Recruiter Hair; Dog Ears; Dog Tail
    Rin - Fairy Dress
    Len - Student Council Officer; Blue Moon Hair
    Akatsuki Arrival
    Miku - Punk; Swimsuit B Hair
    Luka - Hard Rock; Nagisa Replica Alt Hair (-Accessory)
    Ashes to Ashes
    Kaito - On the Rocks; Holiday Hair; Devil Horns; White Mask; Detachable Collar; Devil Tail
    Beware of the Miku Miku Germs♪
    Miku - Pansy
    Black★Rock Shooter
    Haku - Cyber Diva
    Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder -39's Giving Day Edition-
    Len - Punkish
    Rin - Black Star
    Kaito - Rosa Blue; Shigure Hair
    Miku - Rosa Notte; Moonlight Butterfly Hair
    Miku - Rosa Blanca; MiCrystal☆ Hair
    Kaito - Rosa Luno; Conductor Sky Hair (- Accessory)
    Close and Open, Demons and The Dead
    Miku - Demons and the Dead; Liar Hair; White Eye Patch
    Miku - Jersey; Linkage Hair; White Bunny Ears; White Bunny Tail
    Continuing Dream
    Miku - Rosa Blanca; Divine Goddess Hair
    Rin - Adolescence Princess; Halo; Angel Wings
    Len - Student Council Officer; Halo; Angel Wings
    Luka - Pajama Party Luka; Yukata Hair; Halo; Angel Wings
    Dear Cocoa Girls
    Miku - Swimwear Tan
    1 - Miku - Miku V3
    2 - Miku - P-Style RP; Sakura Miku Hair
    3 - Miku - P-Style FB; Lab Girl Hair
    4 - Miku - P-Style CW; Snow Miku 2010 Hair
    5 - Miku - P-Style PB
    6 - Miku - P-Style CG; Star Vocalist Alt Hair
    Deep Sea Girl
    Miku - Swimwear B; Pirate Hair (- Accessory)
    1 - Miku - Natural
    2 - Miku - Fei-Yen Style
    Disruptive Diva
    Miku - Agitation
    Double Lariat
    Luka - Hard Rock
    Dreaming Leaf
    Miku - Hana-kotoba; Pirate Hair; Green Cowlick A; Backpack with Posters
    Electric Angel
    Miku - Rainbow Lines
    Miku - Plug In
    Envy Cat Walk
    Miku - Moonlight Butterfly; Chat Noir Hair
    Rin - Pajama Party Rin; Poppin Delight Hair; Red Pointed Glasses; Backpack
    Len 1 - Starmine (Default)
    Len 2 - Popstar Resourt
    ??? - Swimsuit (Pick any character, I prefer Neru)
    Freely Tomorrow
    Miku - Celebration
    Ghost Rule
    Miku - Punk; Interviewer Hair; White Eye Patch
    Hello, Worker
    Luka - Recruiter; Racing Swimsuit Hair; Oversized Glasses
    How'd It Get To Be Like This?
    Option 1 - Random
    Option 2 - Kaito - Swimwear V Tan
    Ievan Polkka
    Miku - Princess; Wind-Up Key
    LOL -lots of laugh-
    Miku - My Dear Bunny; Pirate Hair; Black Bunny Ears; Cat Whiskers; Black Bunny Tail
    Look This Way, Baby
    Miku - Gothic; Colorful Gundrop Hair (Or Cabin Attendant Hair); Green Cowlick B; Chic Indigo Glasses
    Luka Luka ★ Night Fever
    Luka - Floral; Chiffon Dress Hair; Tako Luka
    Meiteki Cybernetics
    Luka - Eternal White; Nagisa Replica Alt Hair; Chic Sunglasses; Schoolbag
    NekoMimi Switch
    ??? - Black Cat Ears; Cat Whiskers; Black Cat Tail
    Now Choose
    Len - Asymmetric L; Trickster Hair (- Accessory)
    Rin - Asymmetric R; Trad School Hair
    Sakine Meiko - Black Dress Alt; Cat Whiskers
    Len - Pajama Party Len; Strangely Dark Hair
    Piano X Forte X Scandal (Meiko Singing)
    Len - Adolescence Knight; Blue Moon Hair; Backpack with Posters
    Pinky Swear
    Len 1 - School Outfit; Adolescence Knight Hair
    Len 2 - Thorned Rose; Bad Boy Alt Hair
    Po Pi Po
    Teto - Default; Red Rimless Glasses; Backpack
    Rolling Girl
    Miku - Soihate; Liar Hair; White Mask; Schoolbag
    Senbonzakura -F edition-
    Option 1 - All in Yakuta/Kimono Outfits
    Option 2 - All in Pajama Party Outfits
    Option 3 - All in Santa Outfits
    Option 4 - All in 1925 Outfits
    Len - Alparka Hoodie L
    Rin - Alparka Hoodie R
    Soundless Voice
    Len - Reccomened
    Neru - School Club Girl; Neru Hair
    Summer Idol
    Meiko (Miku) - Swimwear B; Whisle Hair
    Luka (Rin) - Swimwear P
    Sweet Magic
    Miku - Sweet Pumpkin
    The Star Maker
    Len - Pajama Party Len
    The World is Mine
    Miku - Princess Blanche; Vintage Dress Hair
    Weekender Girl
    Miku - White Eve
    World's End Dancehall
    Miku - Emerald
    Luka - Ruby
    1/6 Out of Gravity
    Geez, that is a looong spoiler, anyways! If you have any outfit combos/additions/changes to the ones I have, please do comment, I'd love to see some more!!

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