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Discussion Module/Outfit Combinations

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by NayanMori, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. NayanMori

    NayanMori Welcome to DIVA!

    Aug 1, 2018
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    Hey! I adore the new module customization, as sometimes you just need to 'spice' up a pv (or you just straight up don't like the recommend!) So I wanted to share some of my combos that I came up with and/or saw others use.

    A Song of Wastelands, Forests, and Magic
    Miku - White Gown; Meteorite Hair
    Kaito - Guilty; Holiday Hair; Devil Horns; Devil Tail
    Miku - Innocent; Memoria Hair; Halo; Angel Wings
    Luka - Amor; Recruiter Hair; Dog Ears; Dog Tail
    Rin - Fairy Dress
    Len - Student Council Officer; Blue Moon Hair
    Akatsuki Arrival
    Miku - Punk; Swimsuit B Hair
    Luka - Hard Rock; Nagisa Replica Alt Hair (-Accessory)
    Ashes to Ashes
    Kaito - On the Rocks; Holiday Hair; Devil Horns; White Mask; Detachable Collar; Devil Tail
    Beware of the Miku Miku Germs♪
    Miku - Pansy
    Black★Rock Shooter
    Haku - Cyber Diva
    Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder -39's Giving Day Edition-
    Len - Punkish
    Rin - Black Star
    Kaito - Rosa Blue; Shigure Hair
    Miku - Rosa Notte; Moonlight Butterfly Hair
    Miku - Rosa Blanca; MiCrystal☆ Hair
    Kaito - Rosa Luno; Conductor Sky Hair (- Accessory)
    Close and Open, Demons and The Dead
    Miku - Demons and the Dead; Liar Hair; White Eye Patch
    Miku - Jersey; Linkage Hair; White Bunny Ears; White Bunny Tail
    Continuing Dream
    Miku - Rosa Blanca; Divine Goddess Hair
    Rin - Adolescence Princess; Halo; Angel Wings
    Len - Student Council Officer; Halo; Angel Wings
    Luka - Pajama Party Luka; Yukata Hair; Halo; Angel Wings
    Dear Cocoa Girls
    Miku - Swimwear Tan
    1 - Miku - Miku V3
    2 - Miku - P-Style RP; Sakura Miku Hair
    3 - Miku - P-Style FB; Lab Girl Hair
    4 - Miku - P-Style CW; Snow Miku 2010 Hair
    5 - Miku - P-Style PB
    6 - Miku - P-Style CG; Star Vocalist Alt Hair
    Deep Sea Girl
    Miku - Swimwear B; Pirate Hair (- Accessory)
    1 - Miku - Natural
    2 - Miku - Fei-Yen Style
    Disruptive Diva
    Miku - Agitation
    Double Lariat
    Luka - Hard Rock
    Dreaming Leaf
    Miku - Hana-kotoba; Pirate Hair; Green Cowlick A; Backpack with Posters
    Electric Angel
    Miku - Rainbow Lines
    Miku - Plug In
    Envy Cat Walk
    Miku - Moonlight Butterfly; Chat Noir Hair
    Rin - Pajama Party Rin; Poppin Delight Hair; Red Pointed Glasses; Backpack
    Len 1 - Starmine (Default)
    Len 2 - Popstar Resourt
    ??? - Swimsuit (Pick any character, I prefer Neru)
    Freely Tomorrow
    Miku - Celebration
    Ghost Rule
    Miku - Punk; Interviewer Hair; White Eye Patch
    Hello, Worker
    Luka - Recruiter; Racing Swimsuit Hair; Oversized Glasses
    How'd It Get To Be Like This?
    Option 1 - Random
    Option 2 - Kaito - Swimwear V Tan
    Ievan Polkka
    Miku - Princess; Wind-Up Key
    LOL -lots of laugh-
    Miku - My Dear Bunny; Pirate Hair; Black Bunny Ears; Cat Whiskers; Black Bunny Tail
    Look This Way, Baby
    Miku - Gothic; Colorful Gundrop Hair (Or Cabin Attendant Hair); Green Cowlick B; Chic Indigo Glasses
    Luka Luka ★ Night Fever
    Luka - Floral; Chiffon Dress Hair; Tako Luka
    Meiteki Cybernetics
    Luka - Eternal White; Nagisa Replica Alt Hair; Chic Sunglasses; Schoolbag
    NekoMimi Switch
    ??? - Black Cat Ears; Cat Whiskers; Black Cat Tail
    Now Choose
    Len - Asymmetric L; Trickster Hair (- Accessory)
    Rin - Asymmetric R; Trad School Hair
    Sakine Meiko - Black Dress Alt; Cat Whiskers
    Len - Pajama Party Len; Strangely Dark Hair
    Piano X Forte X Scandal (Meiko Singing)
    Len - Adolescence Knight; Blue Moon Hair; Backpack with Posters
    Pinky Swear
    Len 1 - School Outfit; Adolescence Knight Hair
    Len 2 - Thorned Rose; Bad Boy Alt Hair
    Po Pi Po
    Teto - Default; Red Rimless Glasses; Backpack
    Rolling Girl
    Miku - Soihate; Liar Hair; White Mask; Schoolbag
    Senbonzakura -F edition-
    Option 1 - All in Yakuta/Kimono Outfits
    Option 2 - All in Pajama Party Outfits
    Option 3 - All in Santa Outfits
    Option 4 - All in 1925 Outfits
    Len - Alparka Hoodie L
    Rin - Alparka Hoodie R
    Soundless Voice
    Len - Reccomened
    Neru - School Club Girl; Neru Hair
    Summer Idol
    Meiko (Miku) - Swimwear B; Whisle Hair
    Luka (Rin) - Swimwear P
    Sweet Magic
    Miku - Sweet Pumpkin
    The Star Maker
    Len - Pajama Party Len
    The World is Mine
    Miku - Princess Blanche; Vintage Dress Hair
    Weekender Girl
    Miku - White Eve
    World's End Dancehall
    Miku - Emerald
    Luka - Ruby
    1/6 Out of Gravity
    Geez, that is a looong spoiler, anyways! If you have any outfit combos/additions/changes to the ones I have, please do comment, I'd love to see some more!!
  2. RayGirl

    RayGirl Big Debut

    Mar 21, 2018
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    Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
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    #2 RayGirl, Dec 6, 2018
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
    I have a few combinations of my own. Somehow, I'm still as stubborn as I used to be since their voices. I have a list of combinations, which is kinda long anyway... (-_-')

    A Song of Wastelands, Forests, and Magic
    Miku: Gallia Squad 7
    Miku: Hatsune Miku V3 + Hatsune Miku Mousou Girl Hair
    Betty the Liar
    Position 1 (Rin): Kagamine Rin
    Position 2 (Rin): Black Star
    Beware of the Miku Miku Germs
    Miku: Fairy
    Black Rock Shooter
    Miku: P-Style PB + Saihate Hair
    Miku: Either "Deep Sea Girl" or "Innocent" + Factory Tyrant Hair
    Accessories: Head item removed
    Position 1 (Kaito): Rosa Blue
    Position 2 (Miku): Rosa Notte
    Change Me
    Meiko: MEIKO V3 + Sweet Pudding Hair
    Close and Open, Demons and the Dead
    Miku: Miko + Saihate Hair
    Clover Club
    Miku: Princess + Hatsune Miku Butterfly Hair
    Dance of Many
    Miku: Miko + Kasha Hair
    Miku: White Dress + White Gown Hair
    Deep Sea City Underground
    Position 1 (Rin): Asymmetric R + Kagamine Rin Append Hair
    Position 2 (Len): Asymmetric L + Kagamine Len Append Hair
    Position 1 (Miku): Hatsune Miku
    Position 2 (Miku): Hatsune Miku V3
    Disruptive Diva
    Miku: Gothic + Either "Plug-in Hair" or "Angel Hair"
    Dreaming Leaf
    Miku: Running Miku
    Electric Angel
    Choice 1
    Hatsune Miku + Gothic Hair
    Accessories: Halo (Head) + Angel Wings (Back)
    Choice 2
    Hatsune Miku V3 + Hatsune Miku Cute Hair
    Accessories: Angel Wings (Back)
    Miku: Either "Powder" or "Snow Miku 2011" + Snow Miku 2016 Hair
    Accessories: Head item removed
    Envy Cat Walk
    Miku: Chat Noir Alt. + Chat Noir Hair
    Rin: Trad School + Kagamine Rin School Outfit Hair
    Accessories: Either with or without Pink Under-Rim Glasses
    Far Away
    Miku: Meiko Style + Racing Miku 2010 Ver. Hair
    from Y to Y
    Miku: Star + Meteorite Hair
    Gaikotsu Gakudan to Riria
    Miku: Deep Sea Girl + Chat Noir Alt. Hair
    Ghost Rule
    Miku: Either "Hatsune Miku" or "Deep Sea Girl" + Ghost Hair
    Gigantic Girl
    Miku: Ha2ne Miku + Hatsune Miku V3 Hair
    Miku: Chat Noir Alt.
    Glory 3usi9
    Position 1 (Miku): Rainbow Lines + Celebration Hair
    Position 2 (Miku): Hatsune Miku V3 + Meteorite Hair
    Hand in Hand
    Miku: Dimensional + Star Vocalist Hair
    Holy Star -2010 DIVA mix-
    Miku: White Eve + Meteorite Hair
    How'd It Get To Be Like This?
    Miku: P-Style MG
    I'm Your Diva
    Miku: Angel + Spiritual Hair
    Accessories: Gold Bell (Chest)
    I Really Do Understand
    Position 1 (Miku): Hana-Kotoba + Either "Hatsune Miku Hair" or "Ha2ne Miku Hair"
    Position 2 (Miku): Hatsune Miku Racing Swimsuit
    Idol Radio
    Position 1 (Kaito): KAITO V3 + Originator Hair
    Position 2 (Kaito): General Alt.
    Kimi ni
    Position 1 (Miku): Hatsune Miku
    Position 2 (Miku): Hana-Kotoba + Either "Hatsune Miku Hair" or "Ha2ne Miku Hair"
    Accessories: Green Cowlick A (Head)
    Position 3 (Len): Student Council Officer
    Kipple Industry, Inc.
    Miku: Ribbon Girl + Hatsune Miku Mousou Girl Hair
    Rin: Kagamine Rin + Kagamine Rin Append Hair
    Accessories: Mechanical Wings (Back)
    Last Night, Good Night
    Miku: White Eve + Hatsune Miku V3 Hair
    Let Me Lose Myself in the Black Note
    Miku: Innocent + Siren Hair
    LOL -lots of laugh-
    Miku: Princess + Sleepy Time Hair
    Accessories: White Rabbit Tail (Back)
    Magical Sound Shower
    Miku: Hatsune Miku Swimwear B
    maigo life
    Position 1 (Rin): Black Star + Cheerful Candy Hair
    Position 2 (Rin): Kagamine Rin
    Choice 1 (Miku)
    Rainbow Lines + Meteorite Hair
    Choice 2 (Miku)
    Celebration + Meteorite Hair
    Accessories: Back item removed
    Mellow Yellow
    Position 1 (Meiko): Whistle
    Position 2 (Meiko): MEIKO V3 + Blazing Hair
    Position 3 (Extra): Sakine Meiko
    Miku: VN02 + Meteorite Hair
    Nekomimi Switch
    Miku: Hatsune Miku + Kitty Cat Hair
    Nightmare Party Night
    Miku: Either "Hatsune Miku Butterfly" or "Miko" + White Eve Hair
    Now Choose
    Position 1 (Len): Asymmetric L + Trickster Hair
    Position 2 (Rin): Asymmetric R + Black Star Hair
    One-Sided Love Samba
    Miku: Either "Rolling Girl" or "Ribbon Girl" + Shiny Hair
    Miku: Vocal
    Pane dhiria
    Kaito: KAITO Original + Violet Hair
    Paris Cinema Girl
    Position 1 (Miku): Gothic + Phantom Thief Miku Hair
    Position 2 (Kaito): White Blazer
    Po Pi Po
    Miku: Either "Jersey" or "Hatsune Miku V3" + Ha2ne Miku Hair
    Rain With A Chance of Sweet*Drops
    Miku: Vocal + Summer Memories Hair
    Requiem for the Phantasma
    Miku: Hatsune Miku Christmas
    Rolling Girl
    Miku: Saihate + Solitude Hair
    Romeo and Cinderella
    Miku: Innocent + Vintage Dress Hair
    Rosary Pale
    Kaito: Either "Classic" or "KAITO V3" + Rosa Blue Hair
    Accessories: Head and Face items removed
    Roshin Yukai
    Rin: Reactor + Kagamine Rin Future Style Hair
    Sakura no Ame
    Miku: School + Hatsune Miku Hair
    So Much Loving You -DIVA Edit-
    Position 1 (Miku): Fairy
    Position 2 (Miku): Interviewer Miku + Natural Hair
    Position 1 (Len): Kagamine Len Yukata Style + Kagamine Len Crane Hair
    Position 2 (Rin): Kagamine Rin Yukata Style + Heat Haze Hair
    Song of Life
    Choice 1 (Miku)
    Type 2020 + Meteorite Hair
    Choice 2 (Rin)
    Kagamine Rin Cute + Black Star Hair
    Choice 3 (Len)
    Eraser + Punkish Hair
    Miku: Summer Memories + Rainbow Lines Hair
    Starlite Lydian
    Choice 1 (Miku)
    MiCrystal + Meteorite Hair
    Choice 2 (Miku)
    Celebration + Meteorite Hair
    Accessories: Back item removed
    Strobe Nights
    Miku: Snow
    Tell Your World
    Miku: Celebration + Either "Natural Hair", "Hatsune Miku Hair" or "Hatsune Miku V3 Hair"
    Accessories: Head, Face and Back items removed
    That One Second in Slow Motion
    Miku: Summer Memories + Meteorite Hair
    The MMORPG Addict's Anthem
    Position 1 (Miku): Either "Original" or "V3" + Solitude Hair
    Position 2 (Miku): FOnewearl Style
    The secret garden
    Miku: Ha2ne Miku
    The Snow White Princess is...
    Choice 1 (Miku)
    White Dress + Snow Miku 2012 Hair
    Choice 2 (Miku)
    Snow Miku 2019
    The Star Maker
    Len: Kagamine Len Crane
    Though My Song Has No Form
    Position 1 (Miku): Tyrol
    Position 2 (Miku): Hatsune Miku V3 + Meteorite Hair
    Time Limit
    Miku: Hatsune Miku Append + Rainbow Lines Hair
    Time Machine
    Miku: White Eve + Hatsune Miku Mousou Girl Hair
    Transparent Watercolors
    Choice 1 (Miku)
    Puffy Pastels + Rainbow Lines Hair
    Choice 2 (Miku)
    Celebration + Rainbow Lines Hair
    Accessories: Back item removed
    Velvet Arabesque
    Miku: Arabian
    Position 1 (Miku): Aile d'Ange
    Position 2 (Miku): Hatsune Miku V3 + Meteorite Hair
    White Dove
    Miku: Shiny + Hatsune Miku Cute Hair
    Wolf Girl
    Miku: Either "Sleepy Time" or " Pajama Party Miku" + Kitty Cape Hair
    Accessories: Dog Tail (Back)
    World's End Dance Hall
    Position 1 (Miku): Hatsune Miku Emerald
    Position 2 (Luka): Megurine Luka Ruby
    Miku: Either "Ha2ne Miku" or "Star" + PIANO*GIRL Hair
    1/6 -out of the gravity-
    Miku: White Eve + Hatsune Miku Mousou Girl Hair

    Meteor V3 = Hatsune Miku V3 + Meteorite Hair
    Black Star Append = Kagamine Rin Append + Black Star Hair
    Punkish Append = Kagamine Len Appned + Punkish Hair
    Recruiter V4X = Megurine Luka V4X + Recruiter Hair
    Originator V3 = KAITO V3 + Originator Hair
    Blazing V3 = MEIKO V3 + Blazing Hair

    Double Lariat
    Finder (DSLR remix - re:edit)
    Grumpy Waltz
    I'll Miku-Miku You (For Reals)
    Ievan Polkka

    Knight of Light
    Look This Way, Baby
    Love is War

    Meiteki Cybernetics
    Out of Eden
    Sayonara, Goodbye
    Star Story

    Travel to The Other Side of The Moon
    Updating My Love List?
    [email protected] In Love

    These are the combinations I made for most songs (I never thought this list is long). I might have made more of these combination after I post this but... that's it for now. I'm not good at commenting stuff so... I would say that... those combinations are really interesting. I hope you guys like my module combo.

    I have made a few changes on the first spoiler list which is...
    - Absolunote
    - Dance of Many
    - Pane dhiria
    - Rolling Girl
    - The Snow White Princess is...

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