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Suggestion Maybe have some pages on the wiki about Megpoid the Music and IA/VT Colorful?

Discussion in 'Suggestions, Feedback and Bug Reports' started by CrystaltheCool, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. The BRS game has a subforum in the "other games" section here, and according to the sidebar on the wiki there are plans to have pages about the game on the wiki. Since Megpoid the Music and IA/VT Colorful also have subforums in that same section, maybe there should be pages about them on the wiki??

    Sorry if this is a stupid suggestion, haha.
  2. #2 MikuHatsune, Feb 4, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2017
    The reason why BRS The Game has a subcategory on the wiki is because we already had an own wiki for the game but I had to close down it due to changes to subscription plans and prices on wikispaces. (They actually discontinued "free wikis" and it was too much for me to pay for 6 pjd related wikis -- english and other languages -- and 1 brs wiki.)
    I actually still have a whole backup of the BRS wiki but didn't have the time to add all the old content to the pjd wiki yet.

    And yes, we also planned to add "megpoid the music" and "IA/VT" somehow along with "Miracle Song Festival", the game which also uses the pjd engine, but since I don't own these games I can't do that.
    Remember, a wiki is a project where every user is able to provide content and add infos to it. I can't do everything on my own.
    That's also the reason why some pages are still missing for some of the pjd and mirai games. I'm not even an expert player when it comes to project diva etc. and some of the infos on the wiki are actually translations of japanese fanprojects around Project DIVA.
    I tried as much as i can to make this project to the wiki you know today. Before I started working here there were only a few pages for the very first Project DIVA game for PSP and nobody cared about adding pages for the 2nd one. The old staff abadoned the wiki and I continued the work and was happy about all the help of others I got when the community of Project DIVA players began to grow but I can't do everything. I also didn't have a job back then so currently I don't have that much freetime I'd like.
    We have a lot of users on the wiki but there's only a handful of users who are actually active to edit pages, fix content and complete missing informations on already existing pages. But the amount of users who actually create new pages i haven't already done already is like really really rare.
    So I need people who are willed to provide informations about these games. They won't even have to do formatting and stuff, I could do that to match the look with the other pages we have.

    ..Well, for megpoid I could easily DL an ISO file and use the PPSSPP emulator to play the game and collect informations about the game but I'm not a fan of piracy and to be honest, my personal list of "already released games" I'd still like to get is really long and megpoid the game isn't even a game with a high priority on that list.
    For IA/VT and Miracle Song Festival there's also an additional problem. The Vita slowly dies and is already kinda dead outside of japan due to the marketing failures of Sony and the discontinued support for both, the PSVita and the PSTV. I haven't used my Vita even once in the last 6 months and even before in the previous 3 months I only played Project DIVA X on it but switched to the PS4 version after that version got released. The PSTV me and my gf own is only used to stream PS4 gameplay from the living room to the bedroom so we can play PS4 in bed if we don't want to play on the couch. So it's pretty unlikely that I'd buy a new Vita game even if it's for the wiki.
    In addition, I'm a typical Cryptonloid fan, so megpoid and IA (even though there are a few songs I like by them) aren't that important to me, means if I had to choose between getting the IA game or another new Project DIVA game, I'd pick the Project DIVA game.

    So as I said, a wiki is a project by many people, not just one. We need people who actually own these games to add content of these to the wiki.
    Didn't mean to write such a long text and I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, it's just something I wanted to say to everyone since we also have visitors on our Facebook page for example who only demand stuff and ask why we haven't done this or that but wouldn't even care to actually provide info and content they could easily share with us.
  3. #3 CrystaltheCool, Feb 5, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
    Not a fan of piracy either (i only pirate when its things that are both too old for sales to matter and exclusive to one country), but I have an iso of the megpoid game and PPSSPP, so I could probably add some pages about it. Granted, my knowledge of Japanese is basically zero, but it's something, at least.

    EDIT1: Just made a page for the songs in the megpoid game, I'll add the little image things later.

    EDIT2: Made a page for the menu as well.

    EDIT3: Made a page for the rooms and room items, I haven't unlocked everything yet though. Help is appreciated!
  4. Don't know why nofutur deleted his post here but I can still answer the question about Miracle girls festival:

    Even though I just removed the category from the wiki navigation yesterday it doesn't mean the plan to add the game doesn't exist anymore. I just want to clean up the navigation a bit so there aren't so many placeholders.
    I also removed all "Edit Play Songs" and "High Score Rankings" from the PJD and Mirai games since the old lists became incompatible with the new forum engine (and resulted in Error 404 pages). They might return once we finally get that stuff revamped somehow.

    Anyway: To add Miracle girls festival, IA/VT and megpoid to the wiki, we just need all the basic stuff like we got for the PJD games. Lists for songs, translations for the Main Menu and Settings etc and Lists for other collectibles and items are a good start.

    Since CrystaltheCool has created the first 3 pages for megpoid, I just added them to the navigation including a new category banner. I also uploaded the game cover art for the Main Menu page, if you have graphics for the songs or room items, feel free to upload.
  5. My most wanted page is DIVA series songs by games list. I put together the basic info for it too, you can find it here:
    Sortable tables would be best, but if that's not possible, what's the best option? Any way to figure out if sortable tables are an option? If not, I would go with alphabetical. Your wiki doesn't natively support sortable tables. Is there a way to host it externally?

    My next most wanted content is:

    A better song list page for Future Tone. The current one has a lot of problems.

    More song pages (for DIVA and Mirai songs). Is there an equivalent for category in MediaWiki on your wiki? Any way to find all song pages that there already are? Is there a template for song pages? I guess I could just copy an existing one.
  6. I have absolutely no idea.
  7. #7 CrystaltheCool, Feb 15, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2017
    Heyo, I edited the list of rooms page to add the gifts (they all have a functionality. gifts 2-6 change gumi's voice in certain areas to sound like either Native, Adult, Power, Sweet, or Whisper, and i dunno what gift 1 does), with the help of an online OCR to get the text for translations.

    However, due to the blurryness of the kanji for gifts 2 and 4-through-6, it can't get accurate names for those gifts. However, based on the (thankfully) accurate gift 1 and gift 3, the kanji is probably the color of the gift's wrapping. Buuut, just in case, if y'all could help me figure out what the fuck the text says, that'd be grand.

    ULJM06226_00012.png ULJM06226_00013.png ULJM06226_00014.png ULJM06226_00015.png ULJM06226_00016.png ULJM06226_00017.png
  8. Yeah sorry MikuHatsune, I deleted it because there was no answer after several days.
    I'll try find time to translate and do the job concerning MGFestival.
  9. Crystal, that's a piece of cake. Could I bug you to learn some Japanese though? PM me if interested I guess. I mean, you are asking about colors which is vocabulary even someone with very few study hours would know.

    From L to R in your post above:
    白 - White
    緑 - Green
    赤 - Red
    黄 - Yellow
    青 - Blue
    桃 - Pink

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