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Listening Setups for Vocaloid Songs

Discussion in 'VOCALOID' started by stratoside, Dec 1, 2016.


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  1. Hello

    I wanted to know if anyone here likes to actually listen to vocaloid songs. If you do like to listen to them, what is your setup like? Do you listen to the songs on speakers? Headphones? earphones? Change equilizer settings? Type of Music Player, both hardware and software?

    Personally, I prefer listening to vocaloid songs with flat earphone or headphones to listen to it as it was intended by the artist. Also because most of the vocaloid vocals focus on the high mid to high frequency range, if I listen to V-shape drivers, it will either hurt my ears on the high frequencies, or can't hear the vocals at the mid range.

    These are the IEM/headphone I use currently
    Left: Shure SE215 (not really flat, but I use it when I'm working out)
    Middle: Sennheiser IE80 (pretty flat, I use it for mobile use)
    Right: Sennheiser HD800S (very flat, it's for home use with my amp)
  2. I prefer to listen to them on my headphones as it shuts out all the outside noise and gives me a clear sound and song to listen to. The headphones I use are the Plantronics Gamecom 780/788 set. They work the best for me when I want a good sound with no interference from the outside lol.
  3. o, i actually had gamecom 780 like 7 years ago as well. i didn't like it too much

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