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Archived Latest Forum Changes (Sept./Oct. 2015)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by MikuHatsune, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. MikuHatsune

    MikuHatsune ProjectDIVA.Wiki Administrator
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    Oct 27, 2011
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    Hi everyone!

    As you already might have noticed I rearranged some forums and subforums here to give it some kind of a new structure.

    • Splitted "Games" into "Latest Games" and "Games Archive"
      Latest Games: All current and upcoming games.
      Games Archive: All previous games.
    • Renamed "Other" into "Off-Topic"
    • Moved Subforum "Gaming" from the "Off-Topic" forum to a new category: "Other Games"
      Also renamed "Gaming" into "General (Gaming)". The "General" topic for Project DIVA/Mirai related games is now renamed to "General (PJD)" to prevent confusion.
    • Moved "BRS The Game" and "megpoid the music#" from the "Gaming" subforum to "Other Games"
    • Splitted "Project Mirai, Mirai 2 & DX" into "Project Mirai & Mirai 2" and "Project Mirai DX"
      Project Mirai DX: can be found in the "Latest Games" forum.
      Project Mirai & Mirai 2: can be found in the "Games Archive" forum.
    • Added new subforums "Project DIVA X" and "Project DIVA Future Tone" to the "Lastest Games" forum.
    • Added new subforum "IA/VT Colorful" to the "Other Games" forum.
    • Reworked all subforum descriptions and fixed some release dates.
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