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IGB converter?

Discussion in 'Custom DLC' started by Nightsail, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Okay, so here's my thing: I want to help make some sort of converter for IGB files, specifically the characters' models. I'm thinking a plugin for a modeling program might be a lot cleaner a route to go here, than a separate tool.

    Putting my cards on the table:

    -- I'm not a programmer, I'm just an artist who likes doing 3D models and texturing. I'll help however I can, but if it's coding more complicated than CSS, I'm often lost. This won't stop me from trying, but I can't promise I'll be great at it. I can take directions, though!
    -- I have access to Alchemy; I'll gladly use it to get you whatever info I can from these files, if you want any. In fact, I used it very recently to look at the list of bones, and thus...
    -- I believe I've pretty well figured out the PD models' bone structures. (I know that should help.)
    -- I'm currently working on a model which should, by the time I'm done with it, be totally compatible with PD (I'm using one of Bookman's converted-from-PD MMD models as a reference, so I know the polygon counts and proportions and all that stuff are correct.)
    -- I'm using MilkShape, which is a 3D modeling program that was actually written for the purpose of doing game model mod stuff -- ie, this is right up its alley. They have an SDK for it for writing plugins and everything. It's a Windows program, it's shareware, it's cheap to buy if you want it, etc, etc. I'm honestly thinking that this program would be a prime candidate for this project -- it's Windows-based, so hopefully that's not a barrier? I'd consider Blender, but I have no idea how to use it yet.
    -- I posted something similar to this over on the MilkShape forums, but that forum seems to be pretty dead. However, the guy behind MilkShape itself is around, I believe. So if there's program troubles, at least we'd likely have help on that front.

    ...Anyone? Suyo?

    If there's something I can do to get a plugin going, I'd be happy to do it. I'm just... not a programmer, so I have no clue where to start. Never done anything quite like this before.
  2. IGB is a really unknown format. It belongs to an engine which was not available anywhere on the internet, was leakd and already taken down again - there is no way to get Alchemy currently without tracking someone down who has it (though that number went from about 2 to an estimated 20).
    That's why we do not know anything about how an IGB is formatted, which means we have no way to create an external program which exports valid IGBs. We have to rely on the proprietary software to create models.

    Our only hope would be that some professional game researchers who know what they are doing get their hands on Alchemy and rip it into pieces.

    About the bones thing, you might also want to contact AndreehXD. He has been working on it, too, with a GUMI module - maybe he has even more information on it.
  3. I know this, but AndreehXD hasn't written me back.

    Bookman seems to've at least partially cracked the format (I downloaded a Luka PDE (turned into MMD) model they'd posted; it's what I'm checking my own work against) and there's some promising info out on the XeNTaX forums... maybe I should try poking around more there? I followed a tutorial I found in one of those posts, and ended up with the raw object geometry dump of some of the models' parts -- but the vertex coordinate data was switched around, when I pulled it into MilkShape. The front view looked like the UV maps should, and the UV map view was a side view of the model.

    Thanks for the reply, though. :)
  4. I am really interested in this information XD!! because I want to create a really custom dlc :D!! Pleasee if anyone have some useful information, let me know too :C!!
    I wish to have Intrinsic Alchemy in my hands :C!!

    Here's a WIP of a model that I will be happy to become true
    Yume yume by Akka!!
  5. Etoo.....
    I have the Alchemy program, but i really don't know how to use that. XP
    I think that Bookazoid (from DeviantArt) have made an IGBtoMAX (IGBConverter) but he don't give that tool to anyone...

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