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Discussion in 'Community' started by Al1funben, Sep 13, 2019 at 07:26.

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    п»їLooks for the airport: Outfits to travel from the famous |
    Do you want to look like a true celebrity when you go to catch the plane? Next, we show you some of the styles for the airport that the famous ones wear. The looks for the airport should be comfortable, but still be stylish. The outfits for traveling of the famous are a great source of inspiration. Take note and have a good trip!
    Looks for Kendall Jenner airport with travel look. Source: Pinterest Who said traveling is synonymous with dressing poorly? At all, at all times we must take care of our image knowing how to adapt it to the place where we are. Airport looks should be comfortable, but chic. The celebrities know very well how to dress to travel. You always have to take into account flight hours (a short flight is not the same as a long flight). It is also important to know the weather of the destination, because sometimes it is very different from the weather from where you are leaving.
    It is essential that you always wear a jacket or scarf in case you cool inside the plane because of the air conditioning. Comfortable shoes are also a must.
    The best outfits to travel from the famous (for the airport) Gigi Hadid with a tended look for the airport. Source: Pinterest
    Jennifer Aniston shows us a perfect airport look. This is a style with boyfriend jeans combined with a white t-shirt, a striped scarf, comfortable flip flops and a shoulder bag.
    Gisele BГјndchen is committed to a more professional airport look. The model is wearing black skinny pants with zipper detail on the hem, a matching blazer and a gray shirt. Top the look with some comfortable dancers.
    The Miranda Kerr model also looks very elegant before taking a plane. The model is wearing tight jeans combined with a two-color motorcycle shirt and a Chanel tweed jacket. The touch of color is put by his red dancers.
    Karolina Kurkova opts for an outfit in gray tones. The model is wearing gray jeans, wide white shirt, cardigan, pink scarf, gray bag and slippers. This look is ideal for the airport.
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is committed to a more modern but equally comfortable airport styling. Rosie wears jeans with a broken trend, pointed toes, a basic cotton T-shirt and a bright beige striped bomber jacket.
    As you can see the looks for the airport are essential for comfortable and fashionable travel. What is your favorite look for the airport?
    Browse through the photo gallery to see more outfits to travel from the famous. You may also be interested in: Ruby Rose: Best looks and Valeria Mazza: Best looks.

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