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Help! I can't import the DLC Data?

Discussion in 'Custom DLC' started by unowen, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. So in the tutorial provided in order to import the DLC, I have to softmod my PSP and etc, which I've done.
    I use ISO of the games Project Diva put in the directory directory X:\ISO\
    I don't have this ULJM05681 folder in the directory X:\PSP\GAME\ in my PSP memory stick so I just created it myself and put the folders and the DLC contents.
    I've tried to select the "import DLC content" from Project Diva Extend and 2nd# but they won't work at all.
    Can someone please help me?
  2. Did you try with the original disc?
    Is the plugin activated in the Recovery Menu (press SELECT in XMB)?
    Which game do you use (2nd, 2nd#, extend)?
  3. had the same problem. cant seem to figure it out... would it matter if it was purchased or just downloaded off the net?
  4. Did you try it with the original (either downloaded from PSN or disc)? Did you make sure the plugin is enabled? It would also help to show us your memory card folder structure (as in, where exactly you placed the plugin and the DLCs)
  5. Ok theres the screens for everthing, hopefully this helps...

    Attached Files:

  6. Would you mind telling us which firmware your operating on as well, perhaps that might have something to do with the problem, and also what you use (Disc or Download from PSN). I noticed that you may have upgraded your Pro CFW. I've heard that some of the Pro ones have issue with official DLC.
  7. running 6.60 PRO B-10, and using a ISO file of PDE, and i found the dlc off the net...
  8. Try using your original disc, and show us how it's looking inside of the G:/PSP/GAME/ULJM05681 folder.
  9. *Now, don't read too far ahead into this. I'm just listing some additional information in case things don't work on with the steps already given to you.*

    Also you said you found the DLC on the net, is this official DLC or Custom DLC your trying to use? If you find that you cannot access the content through the original disc then this might be a case of a bad upload on wherever you found the DLC. In which case you'll need to find a better source. If it's official, then I would suggest you just buy it from the PSN for two reasons: 1. It's the right thing to do 2. it'll be the best source.

    Have you had any issue before while playing the older games? I'm assuming that you have used this DLC on your copy of 2nd, if it worked on that then it might be the way you ripped PDE and you might have to do it again with a clean rip. Now I don't mean to pry but if this is a ISO you downloaded instead of ripping the UMD, then it might be a case of a bad upload. In that case I would suggest you buy the game, I'm hoping this isn't the case because I frown heavily upon piracy and would hope you have the respect for the community to purchase a game that took a lot of time and effort for a company to make.

    If you did rip the UMD, what application did you use? If you used ISOTool on your PSP, did you apply a Prometheus patch to the game? You may or may not have needed to, in some firmwares you need to apply the patch in order to have the game run on that firmware however it's not a process that's needed for every firmware. Make sure to check compatibility for games based on your firmware by either asking the developer or looking online. I'm not too sure how all Pro firmware revisions operate seeing as I use 5.00M33-6 but the process is the same.

    As a final note, I noticed you may have a translation patch plugin. Are you using the latest version?
  10. it is the official dlc, just not off of psn, but it worked fine with PD2, and i did get the iso off the net as well. so it is probably a bad upload. and i am using the latest version of the translation patch
  11. I see, I suspected as much. I hope everything pans out for you and if not I'm sure someone else on here will help you out.
  12. We do not support illegal downloads on this forum.

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