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News Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by BladeTH, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Finally, a new song has been confirmed to be coming to FTDX (and digital FT). Name of it is Sand Planet. So along with Ghost Rule, that's 2 new songs being added. Hoping at least 1 more will be announced, but we'll have to wait and see on that.
  2. Wow, I honestly thought Ghost Rule was the only new song being added after almost 3 months without new information.
    And Sand Planet is a great song ^^
    I still wonder if Sega will confirm a release in US/EU or not.
  3. They probably will eventually.

    Now that I think about it, if they announce 2 more songs and at least 8 EXEX charts (4 FS and 4 CT), then it'll be the equivalant of a DLC pack (at least for digital FT) as there'll be 4 new songs and 8 EXEX charts. Hoping more modules will be added as well since only adding 2 modules wouldn't be good to see. As for Sand Planet, I feel it'll end up as a 8.5☆ or maybe a 9☆. Can't see it being any harder than that.
  4. I'll probably buy the japanese disc and if they decide to add additional DLC I still have my digital EU Future Tone for that.
    DX should have all DLC included but you never know...

    Well, I hope for stuff similiar to a DLC pack regarding the content. As you said, 2 songs and 2 modules seem pretty half-assed to me.
    But maybe this new photo mode is supposed to replace that.
    And a song/module for any other vocaloid besides Miku would be nice too :P Even if it's her anniversary.
  5. Ok, now I definetely think DX gets more DLC in the future....
    Kagerou Daze and Tale of the Deep Sea Lily perhaps? :D
  6. Kagerou Daze would make more sense to be added since it's the only song left out of new songs added to F2nd to not be in FT. As for the other song, more likely it'll be added once songs from X start getting added (unless it's a completely different song to the one in X).
  7. It is entirely possible that the only reason those two songs are in the video is the DVD set that includes all PVs from all other PJD games, up until X.
  8. True ^^
    I still hope Kagerou Daze, Kagamine Hachi Hachi Flower Fight and Saturation will be added in the future.
  9. You're right, ^3^

    Let's hope, till then you made my day <3
  10. Can someone explain this weird button callibration to me?
    I played Future Tone with +6 (since f) and managed quite well. Yesterday I tried this button callibration since I can't keep up with the speed of some songs and thouth that might help. I've done it several times (a different result every time lol) but it all comes down to something about -22. So I played and the songs felt completely delayed. But I guess I need to play in - something since every result was that way.
    Does it have any effect to concentrate on a good callibration or should I just ignore it?
  11. If you only have problems with sync on specific songs, I'd recommend just setting a different offset for that song specifically. (The lower of the two offset options in the options menu on pause.)

    As for the auto-calibration, it's not very good at its job. I have never had an auto-calibrated offset work for me in any Project Diva game. Then again, I also play every Project Diva game at 0 offset, except for a few songs in FT.
  12. Ah thanks, I'll try that ^^
    For now, my only problem regarding that is Parajikurorobenzen (I can't write the english name :D) so that option makes sense.

    0? Lol, it never occured to me to just leave it like that. I'll try that out as well, probably with miserable results.
  13. I've finally managed to get Perfect on a couple of 10☆ songs, those being Two Sided Lovers Extreme and Sadistic Music Factory. Had to practice a lot to be able to pull it off though but it was worth it.
  14. Good job, I'm still stuck at my 8, 8.5 and 9 ☆
    Can't even imagine a perfect on a 9 or 9.5 T_T
  15. Wow, how long did you practice the songs before you were able to get the perfect?
    I want to know what I'm fighting against (regarding time) :D

    Same here.
    It takes ages for me to learn how to play properly. Give me another 2-4 years and I could pull it off :P
  16. Took me a few months in practice mode for Sadistic Music Factory before I was able to get the Perfect. For Two Sided Lovers, that took about a few weeks of practice.
  17. The disc version is already available (11/22) and the FTDX DLC will be on Dec 14th >> 900円
  18. How does everyone manage playing with double note macros when it comes to keeping holds going?
  19. DX DLC is ready to download for those who forgot ^_^

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