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News Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by BladeTH, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. I'm sure this week or next week.

    The question is when will Sega announce the "season 2" or future packs?
  2. I'm pretty sure this is what we'll be getting in DLC #3 (confirmation of course will come once Sega reveals the full details of DLC #3):

    PianoXScandalXForte (4 Modules)
    Celestial Fox (1 Module)
    1925 (6 Modules)
    End of Infinity EXEX
    Lovers Suicide Oblivion EXEX
    Requiem For The Phantasma EXEX
    ColorfulXMelody EXEX (?)
    Nekomimi Archive EXEX
    Black Gold EXEX
    Snow White Princess EXEX
    Gothic and Loneliness EXEX (?)
    6 PJ Modules (1 for each Vocaloid)
    Snow Miku 2017 Module
    More accessories

    That's about it. Reason I put a ? next to both ColorfulXMelody and Gothic and Loneliness is because I'm not sure if they'll be added in time before the release date for DLC #3. Have to wait for the official confirmation from Sega to see if there is anything else that may get added.
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  3. OK we got the release day (March 9) ... now, please ...
    ヽ(´ー`)┌ a new season pass
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  4. Well, maybe if they can announce the next Project Diva Arcade udpate, it can be helpful '-'
    two months without any new songs...
    Hope for big content for Miku's day :(
  5. March 9th is a lot earlier than I expected, I thought it'd be late March. I'm happy to only wait 2 weeks. I have a feeling this pack will be my favorite out of the the 3, so I'm especially excited.
  6. Next song update should be pretty soon for Arcade FT. Just have to wait for the PV previews so we can try and work out which song is which PV (my prediction for next songs is Doremifa Rondo and Koneko No Payapaya, mainly due to them both being under 4mins in lenght). And what's the record of most songs added in 1 song update? We saw 3 get added when they added Shake It, Adolescence and Cendrillon, but I feel they may have added 4 or more in the past.
  7. They've done more than 4 in the past, and sometimes they'd release songs every month for some time. You can see all the songs with their release dates here: http://projectdiva.wiki/List+of+Songs+(Arcade)
  8. Getting worried that Sega will end up doing another EXEX chart update before they reveal the next songs to be added to Arcade FT. Since a song update is usually every 2 months in recent times, what's the longest amount of time it's been between 2 song updates in the past?
  9. Only 1 more day left to go till DLC #3 is out. What songs/EXEX charts is everyone looking forward to playing? (For me, Hibikase and Black Gold EXEX are the ones I'm looking forward to playing).
  10. The charts I'm mostly looking forward to are Gothic and Loneliness, PianoXForteXScandle, Black Gold, and Nekomimi Archive. Basically whatever's the hardest lol.
  11. Ok so...I said I was looking forward the harder charts, and they are a lot harder then I expected. It's weird because I never have any problems with other 9.5's and most 10's. I don't use the shoulder buttons so maybe that has something to do with it. I guess I'll just have to practice them.
  12. That's it? That's all the season pass has to offer?

    Eh, I'll settle for Hand in Hand and 1925.
  13. Anyone know the date DLC 3 for english version of FT will be released?

    Also, strange that Sega hasn't shown any updates for Arcase FT in quite a long time. I seriously doubt they have given up on it since there is still lots more to add to it (which would also eventually make it to PS4 in the future), that being the remaining Mirai songs/PVs/modules (the 4 Gumi songs excluded unless Sega gets the rights to add Gumi to FT, in which case they could be added), and all songs/modules from X plus any accessories or modules from F/F2nd that still haven't been added to FT. Just hoping that they do get some form of update out sometime this month.
  14. I was looking today but couldn't find any info. Fingers crossed it comes out tomorrow! lol
  15. I don't know anything either but maybe next week?
    Since the first two DLC Packs were released around that date each month. Please correct me if my memory is wrong.
  16. What's up with the latest post on twitter from Sega? They mentioned avatars, but not sure what it's relating to.
  17. Here to read in Japanese: http://miku.sega.jp/FT/information/index.html#info20170406

    1) For a limited time, until 19Apr17, there will be a 30% discount for the main content packs Future Sound and Colorful Tone. Japanese version, naturally.
    2) They will give you an avatar set for free if you buy both packs during this period

    Kaon complained there's no Supreme module avatar :)

    My Japanese is bad, but I think this says they will give it to you if you've already purchased both packs, too. Can someone check this for me? On a second read I think it says they are free but you have to download them during the promotion period.
  18. Stupid question.
    Was it´always possible to remove accessoires (for example rasberry fox ears and tail) like in X?
    Cause I noticed only now :D
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  19. I'm pretty sure it was :P
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  20. Well.... that's embarrassing :D
    Thanks for the answer.

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