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Got my first ever perfect!!

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by moderateTrouble, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Hope this is okay to post here!

    After playing project diva since PD2 on the PSP.... I've FINALLY gotten my first-ever perfect in a project diva game in FT!!
    Images under cut! (open)


    I know Electric Angel isn't the HARDEST song in the world, but it makes me so proud to finally get a perfect after all these years!! Here's to hoping I can do it again!
  2. Nice. Once you start getting Perfects on Hard, it's only a matter of time before you start getting Perfects on Extreme and Ex Extreme. Keep at it and you'll get there for sure.
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  3. Yeah good job! Now you're about to go down the rabbit hole. Once I started getting perfects on Hard I was playing this game every day, practicing over and over... eventually you'll leave Hard behind and get obsessed with Extreme. You'll be nailing songs you once thought impossible, just keep it up!!
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  4. Nice. I still remember playing the PD 2nd demo a long time ago on PSP and barely being able to clear Ai Kotoba. Then after like 100 hours in the real game being able to get a perfect or two on the easier songs.
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  5. @Mullet345 Aw thank you! This was such an encouraging message, I really appreciate it c:

    @ajs2677 Yep I'm already experiencing that, haha! After not playing for a couple weeks I've suddenly found myself spending my day off trying songs on extreme & looking up ~hot project diva tipz & trickz~ on youtube. I've definitely caught the bug!

    @Safros Isn't that the best feeling, that you're improving over time? It really makes all that time you put into it feel worth it, haha!
  6. Well done, more will come don't worry. As Mullet345 wrote, you will have more perfects in other difficulties, try the 5>7 stars ...

    Sure FT offers the feeling to improve days after days. When I started to play Project diva F and Dreamy theater I first thought I won't be able to perfect most of the songs. But it finally came and FT is a rythm game that gives you the same feeling. The more you play, the better it gets. and I love what you said " It really makes all that time you put into it feel worth it". You're right ^^;
    moderateTrouble likes this.
  7. Congrats ^^
    I agree with the others, you'll get better and better if you keep practicing ;)
    I still remember the time when I wasn't able to clear "Out of Eden". It made me so furious and desperate. So I cryed. Yes, I really cryed :D
    moderateTrouble likes this.
  8. Thank you both!! nofutur you're absolutely right, the more you play the better it DOES get! FT definitely makes me feel that way because it feels like the learning curve for that is so steep to begin with.

    And Kari I dont blame you!!!! I've been trying so hard to perfect "Slow Motion" for PDX because its one of my favorite songs, and I'll never quite get it and its infuriating! I've definitely tossed a controller out of frustration before, haha!

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