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Future tone feels delayed after playing vita?

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by corrado33, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. I'm not sure if it's the bottons on the PS4 controller or what, but it feels way delayed compared to the vita games. Anyone else experience anything similar? On the vita the delays were set at 0, but I've had to set the delay on the PS4 at -5ish or more to feel similar... Slightly odd. Any advice?
  2. Never use a TV to play a Rhyhtm Game.

    You need a Screen that comes with less than 2ms to have a perfect synch for Project DIVA console games (most PC screens are suitable for this). A TV regulary has an ms over 10 or 20 (actually i don't know the value, lol), which cause the screen running first after audio in console games. Changing offset/timing DOES NOT fix the issue, what the majority of the people think, would help because it is a self preference OR the song has an faulty offset.

    So the clue is, if you use TV, you can forget focusing the audio and watch the screen only.
  3. #3 corrado33, Mar 6, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2017
    Luckily, I AM using a computer monitor. It's a 1080p LG Flatron W2253V. Not a super great monitor by any respect, but from what I gather it has a 2ms response time.

    Unfortunately, what I AM using is wireless headphones. I'm not sure if this would introduce latency in the audio or not, although I would suspect it would. Actually, after looking it up, it seems that wireless headphones don't introduce any noticable latency. But then again, for the PS4 the sound comes from the PS4, to the controller then to my headphones. So 2 wireless connections (my monitor doesn't have audio.) Maybe that's why it feels delayed? Can anyone test to see if the controller audio is delayed compared to HDMI audio. (Does the PS4 HAVE HDMI audio?)

    EDIT: Oh geeze, this may be the problem. Seems people are having a lot of trouble when using audio out of the wireless controllers. I guess I'll have to buy one of those audio extractor cables that extracts a 3.5mm jack out of the HDMI cable. I am using a PS4 slim, so any updates initially needed for the controller should be there, as the SLIM is the newer console.

    I was thinking about this last night. When I do the calibration test to set the offset in game, should I push the button when I see the circle inside the target, or when it SOUNDS like it should be hit? So basically should I do it by sound or by sight? I'm thinking sound...

    Ok, I just tried doing the offset calibration by sound instead of my sight. My offset went from -5 (doing it by sight) to +14 (doing it by sound.) From the very quick test that I did, it seemed more "accurate" in game. Then again, it is early in the morning and I may be making that up. Only time will tell.
  4. Tbf, I haven't thought about wireless controllers, haha. Yeah, the audio from wireless controller unfortunately doesn't work well for any Rhythm Games. I once tried it out and it was horrible. Neither does the sounds from the game sound good, the delay is very bad as well. I was once too lazy to plug my headphones to the screen so I tested it out. But after testing the wireless controller, I kept headphones plugged on my pc screen, lol.

    Offset, like said, is a self preference, if you feel like the notes feels slightly off. But most of the time it is hard to tell if you aren't going for 0FINE/GOOD rates. So it should stay at 0. Only a few songs I remember actually has a wrong offset and will give you FINE even though you timed it well, which is currently DYE only i think.
    corrado33 likes this.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I feel weird playing with the offset, almost like cheating in a way. I'm going to try to do all the things correctly first to see if it helps.

    But don't we all try to go for perfects? Isn't that the point of the game?

    I'll grab the audio from the HDMI cord first. That'll probably make the most difference. Then I'll also switch my controller over to wired mode (luckily the PS4 slim can do that. :) ) And I will possibly use wired headphones instead. I'll let you guys know if that all makes it better.
  6. usually TV makers don't care about the the actual input lag and response time, so they have a noticeable delay. Usually TVs do have "GAME MODE" which reduces the picture quality to reduce the delay. It's best to just play using a computer monitor with lower input lag and response time
  7. I personally never had any delay on all of the TV's I played rhythm games on, except for one, and that one only has day on AV input, HDMI runs just fine. Calibrating to the sound actually gave me something like ±1 so I set it back to 0 and everything was going fine. Still, having a TV with delay can be and will be annoying for high levels
  8. Speaking of delay, how do you tell when you need to either decrease or increase the timing for songs? Is it anything to do with the amount of early or late COOLs/FINEs I'm getting or something else?
  9. That's pretty much it. I didn't figure out how notes are shifted with negative/positive offset.
    I think positive offset = notes later
  10. It's easy, if you feel like you're hitting notes to early you go +, if you fell like you're hitting them too late you go -
    Set that you actually play in the rhythm of the song, obviously.

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