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Other Favorite Arcade Rhythm Games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by moderateTrouble, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone! I started going to Round1 recently, and in addition to playing Project Diva I've started to get into more rhythm games! The one that stands out to me as a fast-fav has to be CROSSxBEATS.

    So I was wondeirng, what are people's favorite arcade rhythm games?
  2. Well, since we don't have Round 1 (or any arcades for that matter) over here in Europe, I don't have much experience with arcade rhythm games. The only things I've played are the PS4 port of Future Tone, and the PC port of Sound Voltex III.
    Honestly, SDVX is a really great game, and I wish I could play on an actual cab. Also would love to actually play Future Tone on the actual arcade cab. But that won't happen unless somehow through some sort of miracle a rhythm game arcade opens within driving distance of me, or I get stupidly rich and can afford to go to the US and visit a Round 1. (OR learn enough Japanese to not be completely lost going to Japan and playing in a game center there. Still would require the "stupidly rich" part though.)
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  3. Oh man, Sound Voltex is such an insane game! Outside of arcades, I've only ever seen it played with a custom gamepad... Do you have one of those, or is it possible to play it on a mouse & keyboard?

    Ah, yeah I understand the struggle :c Honestly I completely stumbled into the Round 1 because of the UFO catchers, and almost left without exploring the rest of it and would have missed their project diva cabinet! But I've always tried to explore arcades just for the slim hope of finding one haha. Honestly a lot of more modern arcades are starting to import more unique Japanese cabinets... Hopefully one will come your way soon!!
  4. It's playable with Keyboard. I've played both, the official PC port of SDVX III as well as the unofficial PC clone K-Shoot Mania, only on Keyboard, cause the arcade style controllers are expensive as heck.
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  5. Oh yes, I saw Nick Robinson show off the arcade style controller for K-Shoot in a video on Giant Bomb a few months back! It looked really nice but yeah, he mentioned it was very expensive. Ah, the struggles of liking rhythm games!
  6. Sound Voltex/KSM is one my favorite rythm games. i love it.
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  7. I'd like to give PD Arcade, IIDX and Sound Voltex a go but we don't really have legit 'arcades' here in Ireland (sucks right?). We do have a few DDR/PIU machines around though, so I suppose from the ones I've played I love DDR!
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