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Discussion Dunno why I suck

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone' started by nofutur, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. I decided to create a new topic to share our biggest fails. I was about to create this, the first day I played Freely tomorrow (hard, extreme), but now everything goes well. BUT I really have problems with Senbonzakura f version in hard.

    Each time I play this version I feel like playing in extreme. Too fast, too much fine ... I stuck at 82%
  2. i forget but isn't senbonzakura much harder song than freely tomorrow? (referring to the star system)
  3. I struggled a lot with Senbonzakura but I managed to clear it after a couple of times, you just have to keep trying x____x one advice is to do well on all the easiest notes so your life meter is full during the hard parts so you'll survive until the easy parts come again.
  4. Honestly, comparing the charts of the F edition in FT to the one in F, I gotta say, the FT Extreme chart is pretty darn hard, and the Hard chart is almost at the level of the Extreme chart in F. In general, a bunch of the Hard charts in FT felt a lot like I was playing easier Extreme charts, really. No comparison to how undercharted and boring Hard charts usually are in Project Diva games.
  5. I think it goes without saying that FT is a ton harder than F/F2nd. The great thing about it is with so many songs/charts there's probably ways to practise for everything.

    Have you tried using the practise tool to play a specific part of the chart over and over? I found it helped out a lot, especially for songs like The Disappearance.
  6. Everytime I try to play on the harder difficulties I see that the game was indeed made for the arcade. It's still much more difficult handling all these notes with the DS4 controller instead of those huge buttons of the machine.
  7. That's weird, I wanted to post the same kind of message. I got used to play with my arcade controller but, I discovered I'm better with DS4 on ExExtreme. Anyway, as you wrote, it's difficult to stay concentrated on holding notes with the ps4 pad.
  8. I find that when starting out on Extreme/ExExtreme, it's really overwhelming in regards to all the double/triple/quad notes that show up. At first, you can't do well because of this but give it enough time of playing and it no longer causes issues. I don't find it that hard anymore but still have my issues with the 9☆ and above songs.
  9. I finally fix my problem playing with headphone and controller >w<
    I improved my skills and now trying to assume Extreme 9 stars.

    I still suck with the PS4 pad.
  10. I know why I suck.
    I can't handle too much note informations at once and my reactions are too slow.
  11. I would kill for there to be a way to slow down the charts in practice mode. That would make all the difference in the world.

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