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Dimensional... sigh...

Discussion in 'Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X & Project DIVA X HD' started by corrado33, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. For the past few days I've been trying to fish out the final few Miku modules I don't have. I've gotten most of the super hard ones, but I'm left with a few randoms and Dimensional. I know I'll get the randoms in time (especially using the Yellow module) but Dimensional is tough. I tried playing the ultimate melody on extreme and while I didn't drop out, I only filled the voltage bar about 2/3 of the way.

    After googling around, I've heard mixed reports of people being able to get dimensional during the 8th (and final) festival using a cool song at the end. Is that true? I can beat that festival just fine (almost too easy if you pick 3 60% module/accessories.) But I don't want to grind it if I don't have to.

    Yes, I know I can get it using DLC songs, but I don't care for any of them, so I haven't bought them...

    Also, anybody know which songs have the earliest chance times? If I'm grinding for the last few remaining modules, I want to find the song that has the earliest chance time so I can just restart if I don't get something I'm looking for. I seem to remember a song with chance time at the very beginning, but I may be thinking of F 2nd.

    Last thing, when something is a "random" drop, I can play ANY song to get it right? Or do I have to play specific clouds to unlock specific modules?

    Thanks all.
  2. Any song will do for the 8th event for the "Ultimate module drop," as long Miku is third on the performance, it has a chance to drop.
  3. Is "Dimensional" the "Ultimate module drop?" I know that's the english name, but I have no idea what the Japanese translates to. I've plaed the 8th festival a few times with miku as the last person and while I did unlock a different module I was looking for, no Dimensional yet.

    I already have the "Ultimate Miku" module.(Pictured below.)


    What I don't have is what's below.

  4. Yes, Dimension is the module that has a chance to drop on the eighth event quest. You automatically get the "Ultimate Miku" module from the final event quest anyways.
  5. Meh, nevermind anyway. I just bought the DLC and got all the modules I needed in a few minutes. :) Thanks for the help though.
  6. i gave up on getting all the modules on X, lmao
    i miss the store from previous games, i really hate this random drop event...

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