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  1. I recently bought the PS4's digital version of Project DIVA X, even if I already had the physical PSVita version . Before buying the game, I heard that it was possible to cross save between different versions of the game. But when I opened the PS4 game, I went on the "Cross Save (import data)" function, but after loading, it tought "No data upload on this network" or something similar. Besides, the weird thing it's the fact that I have the same trophies on both games, but in spite of this, the old savedata on the PS4 doesn't shows up. Please note that I'm using the same account, both on PS4 and PsVita.
    Somenone please explain me how to transfer the datas, because I don't really want to grind again for the modules and my perfects :(
  2. To use cross save, you have to first open the version of the game your save is on, go into options, and use the cross-save option from there to upload your save data to the network. This should be in the options menu.
    Cross-save does not work between just files stored on the PS4.
  3. Oh, I understand. It was rather stupid of me, but it is the first time I import datas from japanese version if the game. Thanks for the help, anyway.
  4. Sorry for the late response, but good thing you got it! ^^

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