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Controls for staying miraculous at Project DIVA

Discussion in 'General' started by Juanito The Miraculous, Jan 13, 2020.


How do I stay miraculous at Project DIVA?

  1. Get a Perfect all the time

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  2. Stick to Extreme/Extra Extreme

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  3. Both

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  1. Juanito The Miraculous

    Juanito The Miraculous Welcome to DIVA!

    Dec 18, 2019
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    Here are the controls I will be sticking to in Project DIVA to help me stay miraculous at it. I mix what difficulties I pick and no matter what difficulty I pick, I sometimes feel like I'm too good to miss notes, time them wrong, or press the wrong button since I'm miraculous at these games (especially on Easy and Normal). I also feel like I'm too good to fail special zones like Chance Time and Technical Zones (especially on Easy and Normal).

    • For all games I'll stick to the face buttons on the regular and sustained notes unless there's fast notes or drumrolls where I have to quickly alternate the directional button and face button.
    • For W Arrows I'll stick to mashing the D-Pad and Face Buttons at the same time rather than holding the D-Pad and pressing the face button.
    • For star notes I'll be using the Star Killer in the Vita version of F since it's more accurate than the touch screen/pad and I won't block the Vita's screen. Although I'll end up with a Standard, even if I get Great, Excellent or Perfect. For the PS3 version of F and both versions of F 2nd and X, I'll use the Star Changer which let's me use the bumpers and triggers since they are more accurate than the analog sticks. I'd stick to the bumpers since they are more accurate than the triggers. The Star Changer doesn't affect my clear rank. But I'll still get a green heart by the clear rank letter. This will also help me keep my thumbs on the D-Pad and Face Buttons.
    • For Future Tone and Mega Mix, I'll be sticking to the default controls. For Multi-Notes I'll combine using the D-Pad and Face Buttons. For Slide Arrows, I'll stick to the bumpers since they're more accurate than the triggers unless there's a double left or double right where I press the bumper and trigger with two fingers. This also helps me keep my thumbs on the D-Pad and Face Buttons. For Holds, I'll mix trying to do them and ignoring them. They're not mandatory but they give me extra points if I do them.
    So I will be sticking to all this to help me stay miraculous at Project DIVA.

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