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Forum Game A life of 9

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Darksidehearts, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. I was thinking about this earlier today while I was making a sandwich, a good sandwich by the way ;)

    The concept is sort of like a bucket list but a little more simple, the tasks should be nine things you can do at some point in your life with minimal effort. They can be things you are currently working on as well. Now I know this will not be everyone's thing but I hope people will participate in this.
    - - - -

    Okay, I'll start it off

    3 Places I would like to visit at least once.
    - Paris, France
    - Ireland
    - Sweden

    - - - -

    3 Things I would like to do.
    - Learn another language
    - Learn how to play either the bass fiddle or violin
    - Learn how to cook more meals

    - - - -

    3 Personal goals I would like to achieve
    - Lose enough weight so I can be deemed “socially acceptable”
    - Stop over analyzing everything and just enjoy life
    - Stop putting myself last on the list for everything

    - - - -
  2. Neat idea!
    Just gonna coppyyy and paassteee this cause I'm lazy:

    3 Places I would like to visit at least once.
    - Philippines
    - Japan
    - Chile (or Catalonia, whichever I feel, I would still need to learn some Espanol)
    - - - -

    3 Things I would like to do.
    - Finish HS and head to UTSA
    - Make my own Vocaloid or UTAU オリジナル
    - Find true love
    - - - -

    3 Personal goals I would like to achieve
    - Kinda the opposite of yours but I actually need to gain weight. Being called anorexic by your friends isn't the best feeling in the world.
    - Beat my best friend to Prestige Master in B-Ops 2
    - Get. Outside. More. Often.
    - - - -
  3. My friend if I could give you some of my weight I would, believe me. Find true love huh? Now that is something I have wanted for a long time but I have accepted that it will never happen. No woman in their right mind would want me. XD

    Well anyway, I wish you luck on all your goals.
  4. 『いっそこのまま二人で付き合っちゃおっか?』
    Show Spoiler
  5. I'll join in too.

    3 Places I would like to visit at least once.
    - Japan
    - USA
    - Malaysia

    3 Things I would like to do.
    - Increase Accuracy
    - Cosplay Black Rock Shooter from The Game (Male Version and all costumes)
    - Learn/Master MMD

    3 Personal goals I would like to achieve
    - Having the Title of the BRS Cosplayer
    - Invent an Android/Robot Yes, I'm/We're planning to make Vocaloid Androids
    - Me want PS3 and PS4 so badly
  6. My life goal is to visit every continent of the world, but I can't write that many places x) I've already visited the major places like England, France, Italy and others :3

    3 Places I would like to visit at least once.

    3 Things I would like to do.
    Learn Japanese
    Learn how to play the violin
    Write a book

    3 Personal goals I would like to achieve
    Get a job
    Get a nice small apartment for one
    Figure out what to do with my life (though that might be a part of "get a job")
  7. I really like the goals people are setting for themselves. Let's keep going, who else would like to share in this game?
  8. Neat idea! *^* Now, where to start...

    3 places I would like to visit at least once:
    - USA (I seriously want to know how foreigners live in there~)
    - ORCHARD ROAD, SINGAPORE/THE VENETIAN HOTEL, MACAU (Either way works for me~ =3=)
    (P.S. - I'm a DRIFTER.//slapped)

    3 things I would like to do:
    - Learn even more languages. (I'm planning to be a MULTILINGUIST as SIDE JOB)
    - BAKE OR COOK SOMETHING. (Literally, I'm bored right now~ XD)
    - Read more interesting things that can widen IQ.

    3 personal goals I would like to achieve:
    - Do better at my job than I already am. (Working as a part of the MANAGERIAL GROUP at the age of 20 is no easy task~ OAO)
    - To have a foreign wife. (I'M DEAD SERIOUS.)
    - Establish a successful life abroad with personal goal 2.
  9. Since I've been living here almost all my life and with encountering MANY MANY MANY foreigners, I'd say you'd fit in immediately. It's what the US is best at, diversity. ^^
  10. Good to hear that I can blend in! *^* And the Philippines and Japan are also good at diversification, but 1 thing: LANGUAGE BARRIERS. OAO

    Anyway, I know both nations will strive to learn English! ^ ^
  11. Okay, so:

    3 places i would like to go at least once:

    - Canada (consequently i'll end going to USA too, due to same as 39_l0v3r reasons...)
    - Japan
    - Singapore (or Malaysia, but i want to work / reside, same as Singapore and i like to visit the neighbour countries too).

    3 things i would like to do:

    - Change jobs (from teacher to geophysicist, but it's really hard to begin a geophysicist career with only B.sc graduation nowadays...)
    - End my Geophysics graduation in this semester and publicate my graduation work in a geophysics magazine, periodical of my country.
    - More free time ;_;

    3 personal goals i would like to achieve:

    - "Master" at least 7 languages, but it's so hard, even my english is so bad ;_; (please i want to do training oral communication skills, add me on skype ;_;)
    - Be a good geophysicist in such point that all of my group trust me (since i am a good teacher, according with all my colleagues and my students).
    - I want to live in a place which i can go out or come back safely in any hour, a minimum of dignity (health, safety and education) and excellent cultural diversity acceptance and respect one each other...

    (I didn't put about "girlfriend" or "wife" because i follow the flow of things: what have to happen, it happens :)).
  12. Well, here I go

    3 places I would like to visit at least once:

    3 things I would like to do:
    Learn Japanese
    Master MMD
    Cook as well as my mom (she's awesome when it comes to Chinese food)
    (I would add more but you know, I can only put 3)

    3 personal goals I would like to achieve:
    Become an artist ( I guess this kinda goes with the "3 things I would like to do")
    Get outside more often
    Be more social

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