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4Gamer reveals footage of Arcade: Future Tone

Discussion in 'Project DIVA Arcade & Arcade Future Tone' started by BaseNumbers, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. BaseNumbers

    BaseNumbers Not初音ミク

    Jul 27, 2013
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    4Gamer Article: http://www.4gamer.net/games/228/G022805/20131101124/

    According to the article & Google Translate, Future Tone will begin launching at the end of November.

     「初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone」は,2013年11月下旬に稼働開始予定だ。前作までのプレイヤーはもちろん,アーケード版をプレイしたことのない人にもオススメなので,ぜひ最寄りのゲームセンターに足を運んでみるといいだろう。とくにPSPやPlayStation VitaなどでProject DIVAシリーズを遊んでいる人は,大画面で動きまくるミクさんを,ぜひその目で確認してほしい。

     Coverage of this time to hang out Sega, we were able to experience this work of pre-production. I was asked to be one play through the new song, but the graphics were beautiful to be renewed, and was especially surprised. This impression will not be able to tell readily in a magazine, people who do not play the rhythm game usually also, if you see this film after deployment, I want you to check in their eyes the beauty all means.

     Note that the opinion would be reaction of the touch slider that worried about the Location Test also with were many, but significant adjustment is added to this, and has become a new device of confidence. I want you to have great expectations player of this work.  "Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone" is the end of November 2013 is scheduled to begin operation. Of course the players of previous work, because it is recommended for the people that have never played the arcade version, it would be nice when I go to visit in game center nearest means. People playing the Project DIVA series, such as PlayStation Vita PSP and want you to check it in the eyes, certainly Miku's spree movement, especially on the big screen.

    New things I've noticed in the video:
    You can switch between songs with the Touch Slider (I actually noticed when the song backgrounds slide across instead of fading into each other)
    That reminds me, where's the (<) & (>) buttons?

    If you start sliding with the Touch Slider, the TS arrow will turn blue as the arrow slides over it
    New loading screen & results music (the little things :D)

    We finally see what this does
    Looks like sort of a pseudo-Chance Time thing, since in the video immediately after that it says "Success" and the Alternate Ending plays.
    They could put this in older songs but we'll just wait and see
    I thought there would be a bigger difference in the UI/menus since this is an entirely new machine (Like f was from PSP to PSVita) but I guess not.

    Immediate desktop picture
  2. PSI Gaming

    PSI Gaming Stressed? Don't fret!

    Apr 14, 2013
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    If they added Chance Time ending to older songs in Future Tone, we might get previews of what's coming in F2nd.

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