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  1. Level
    255 Points
  2. 5 points to reach Level 18


  1. Account

    Fully Socialized.

    Associate your forum account with Facebook, Twitter and Google. Who needs myspace anyway?
  2. Level

    Level 15

    Reach Level 15.
  3. Posts

    Intermediate Player

    You've posted 50 messages. Users begin to recognize you!
  4. International

    International Territory

    You posted your first message in the International Forums!

    Triple Baka

    Your messages have been liked 3 times.
  6. Special


    User is 18 years or older. I guess it's time to check out the other side of pixiv...
  7. Anniversary

    Four years anniversary

    Registered for at least 1460 days. You can really call yourself an old school forum user!
  8. Project DIVA f / F

    Platinum DIVA

    Unlocked one of the platinum trophies of any Project DIVA f or F version and posted proof.
  9. Secret Unlocks


    ??? - Hidden trophy (A hint can be found somewhere on the forum.)
  10. Legacy

    Active Follower!

    Submitted the secret trophy unlock code "TWEET728" which was shared on our Twitter feed. - No longer obtainable.
  11. Vocaloid Birthdays

    Happy Birthday, Kaito!【2017】

    Logged in on Kaito's 11th Anniversary in 2017.
  12. Classic Highscore Table

    Love Is War

    Got a Double Revenge in the Highscore Tables of the old forum. - No longer obtainable.
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