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New Profile Posts

  1. nofutur
    Thinking 'bout a new one, I'll probably sell my controller
  2. TheDoctor-Kun
    Ayee I'm an official member :D
  3. Safros
    How's everyone doing?
  4. Rayduxz
  5. Rinandlen4lyfe
    This happened when I was in China: So I saw that my bag was open. Someone had gone through it...Nothing was missing, thankfully.
  6. Rinandlen4lyfe
    IM BACK GUYS WOOHOO well I actually got back 3 days ago but my wifi was being a big butt and refused to work so that was fun...
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  7. moderateTrouble
    Trying to figure out how to stream future tone is like banging your head against a wall...
  8. nofutur
    K's hachi-hachi no kassen>FT
  9. Urabe
  10. Safros
    I'd completely forgotten about this site. Hello, everyone.
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    1. Monds
      Jun 30, 2017
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  11. Rinandlen4lyfe
    I'm going to China guys so I'm not going to be active. I leave Friday.
    1. dorothy3242
      Have a safe trip!!
      Jun 24, 2017
  12. AppleArcade120
    I play Project DIVA for fun, but I have NEVER been able to perfect a song/edit in ANY game...
  13. Rayduxz
  14. Monds
    Welcome to all our new members! hope you enjoy the forums and feel free to ask if you have any question or would like something added.
  15. Monds
    New graphics added to the website! Huge thanks to @MikuHatsune for the nice images!
  16. TheBeep
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  17. Monds
    New games have been added to the forums!
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  18. MikuHatsune
    New games will be added to the forums and wiki soon!
  19. SpidaMario
    Making some custom DLC for 2nd & Extend :D
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  20. Nekono Judai
    Nekono Judai
    Son las 5:22 am en mi pais y no tengo sueño, osea quede en shock