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New Profile Posts

  1. calne
    Crying over no events in Dreamy Vocal (almost 2 months and counting)
  2. kaibaswaifu
  3. nofutur
    10% off again on Ps store co jp until Dec 6
  4. ニール・マッククレデン
  5. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Don’t get excited about the possibility of a new SONY handheld, the patent is TOIO related.
  6. ニール・マッククレデン
  7. nofutur
    10% off in J-PSstore ^__^
  8. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Forget that stuff about wet pants and igloos...
  9. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Dedication: when you share ideas when nobody notices and build an igloo despite wearing wet pants
  10. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Hanafuda, and Neon Yellow Joy-Con,
  11. CainanCorlett
    mfw 0 posts and level 4
  12. Tailsray
    Got YLoD on my PS3 :(
  13. cartman_zero
    cartman_zero Kasumi
    hi, can you teach me to use alchemy?
    1. cartman_zero
      Oct 24, 2018
    2. Kasumi
      You should ask Miku 'its a spring onion not a leek' Hachune for more details
      Nov 20, 2018
  14. nofutur
    Switch is dead WeeU's back
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  15. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Dedication; when you are the only one active on the site when no one else is on.
  16. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    CRAZY Nintendo Direct approaches! (9.13.2018/13.9.2018)
  17. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
  18. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Do to the Hokkaido Earthquake; the Nintendo Direct has been delayed.
  19. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Tommorow, 9.6.2018/2018.9.6 Nintendo Direct arrives!
  20. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Happy 11th anniversary to Hatsune Miku! (more Extra Extreme charts for PD:FT dosen’t fill the Nintendo Switch-shaped hole in my heart BTW)
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