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New Profile Posts

  1. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Dedication; when you are the only one active on the site when no one else is on.
  2. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    CRAZY Nintendo Direct approaches! (9.13.2018/13.9.2018)
  3. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
  4. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Do to the Hokkaido Earthquake; the Nintendo Direct has been delayed.
  5. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Tommorow, 9.6.2018/2018.9.6 Nintendo Direct arrives!
  6. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Happy 11th anniversary to Hatsune Miku! (more Extra Extreme charts for PD:FT dosen’t fill the Nintendo Switch-shaped hole in my heart BTW)
  7. Kasumi
    Kasumi MikuHatsune
    about custom DLC? Are there ways to make custom DLC songs and/or stages without alchemy and a different 3ds max? im not a good computer geek.
    1. MikuHatsune
      sorry, no idea. i never made custom DLC myself, i only did texture changes.
      Aug 28, 2018
      Kasumi likes this.
  8. Doctopus
    If someone wants the arcade FT/Nu system board, now it is your chance. Be prepared to pay at least $2k for FT though
  9. Doctopus
    New ExEx charts: Denparadigm and that PSO2 song :D
  10. Monds
    Ah, sorry for the spam that happened everyone. I have not been checking the forums as much as I should lately. Everything is taken care of.
  11. Kasumi
    Kasumi Suyo
    Are you still alive? Cuz I thought dis forum was |)34|)...

    If you are still active, how do you create Custom DLC Songs? Also, is it still possible to add Custom DLC to the wiki? (it says discontinued)
    1. MikuHatsune
      It seems he's no longer part of the fandom and the community. He will most likely not reply or even read it.

      The Custom DLCs are discontinued since most links went dead and it was a pain to organize the page.

      Since the whole wiki is currently on hold until the migration of all the data to the new site is done, we currently don't know yet if/when we readd custom DLCs to the wiki again.
      Jul 24, 2018
  12. Ryan
    NHL Megafan, Most Wanted Racer, Ultimate Enforcer Cop, NFS Legend, I love Miku #GOMURCIELAGOGO #NHL
  13. Doctopus
    Starts from few days ago, a lot of FT arcade cabinet in Japan and other Asian countries got suspended/removed. Something is happening.
  14. nofutur
    Yatta, Luka² night fever 3% fine
  15. Doctopus
    Controller casing design is 95% done. Hopefully I can finally finish the project soon. It took way too long already :P
  16. Alexander Caiopoulos
  17. An1meLoVeR_44
    Really a 140 character limit?
  18. An1meLoVeR_44
    My discord username is Top Nep#0680
  19. An1meLoVeR_44
    I love anime and Hatsune Miku
  20. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Class of 2018, CV is #1, finished with a 3.9 GPA
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