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New Profile Posts

  1. nofutur
    Yatta, Luka² night fever 3% fine
  2. Doctopus
    Controller casing design is 95% done. Hopefully I can finally finish the project soon. It took way too long already :P
  3. Alexander Caiopoulos
  4. An1meLoVeR_44
    Really a 140 character limit?
  5. An1meLoVeR_44
    My discord username is Top Nep#0680
  6. An1meLoVeR_44
    I love anime and Hatsune Miku
  7. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Class of 2018, CV is #1, finished with a 3.9 GPA
  8. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Class of 2018,
  9. Dre Nelson
    Dre Nelson
    Utauloid Status
  10. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    That one guy who has a thing with Miku and Nintendo Switch.
  11. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    SONY is discontinuing physical games by 2019. Hail to the Switch.
  12. Bad Egg
    Bad Egg
    A wild Bad Egg a.k.a. ZAR-PARTY appeared!
  13. CoinLockerBaby
    cutting off my pinky
  14. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Promoted to Newbie Player.
  15. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Wow; for once, no April Fools day announcements...
  16. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Nintendo Switch (Competitive Player’s Edition) is now open in the Project DIVA > General fourms!
  17. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    A WILD Nintendo Direct APPROACHES! (3.8.2018)
  18. Zac Wood
    Zac Wood
    Celebrating the Nintendo Switch’s one year! Still waiting for Project DIVA on Nintendo Switch...
  19. nofutur
    Thinking 'bout a new one, I'll probably sell my controller
  20. TheDoctor-Kun
    Ayee I'm an official member :D